You Lack Dignity, Self-esteem And Professionalism – Police PRO Slams Officer For Opening Car Door Of Nigerian ‘Pastor’


The Police Force Public Relations Officer, Prince Olumuyiwa Adejobi, has taken a swipe at a police officer for opening the car door for a Nigerian ‘clergyman’.

An X user had called the attention of the Police PRO to the video, questioning why the officer was attached to a private citizen and opening the car door for him.

The post read, “Please, when did it become normal for a policeman attached to a private citizen to open vehicle doors for them ? Actons like this demean the police force sir.”

In response, Adejobi stated that some individuals are entitled to the privilege of an officer opening the car door for them due to their position, rank and social status.

He wrote, “Who is the person? I need to know before any comments. There are some individuals who are entitled to that, by position, rank, or social status. So who is this person?. You can help with this info. Thanks”

Reacting after another X user gave the identity of the Nigerian ‘pastor’, Olumuyiwa Adejobi stated that the Police officer in the viral video lacks self-esteem, dignity and professionalism.

He added, “If it’s this man, it’s wrong for a policeman to open the door for him. It’s clear that the policemen lacks self-esteem, dignity, and professionalism. I will find out, and do the needful. Thanks.”