Sean Strickland Breaks Silence After Dominant Spar with Nico ‘Sneako’: Bloody Nose and All!

Sean Strickland, the MMA fighter, breaks his silence on his recent sparring session with Sneako. Recently, the fight between Sneako and Sean caught everyone’s attention on social media. However, netizens didn’t know the reason behind it. Thankfully, Sean has addressed it himself now. Here’s what he said.

Read ahead to learn more about Sean Strickland opening up about his sparring session with Sneako.

Viral spar of Sean Strickland with Sneako

There was an unexpected match between Rumble streamer Sneako and MMA fighter Sean Strickland some days ago. In the match, Sean dominated over Sneako. In fact, footage of their match has been going viral on the internet as well.

In the battle with Sean, Sneako was left with a bleeding nose. However, many have been left wondering about Sean’s spar with Sneako that led to this match. Luckily, Sean has already addressed the situation to the community recently in a video.

Sean Strickland opens up on his spar with Sneako

Despite the recent spar between Sneako and Sean Strickland, the latter has been praising the Rumble streamer in a video. In fact, on February 13th, a video went viral on X where Sean was heard talking about Sneako and praising him in the same.

Sean said, “He has accomplished a lot and that is respectable. But I don’t really know much about Sneako. I know that….i actually don’t know who he is. Yeah, I don’t know who he is. But, he’s a nice enough guy. I don’t know why he wanted to box me. But, he’s nice enough guy”.

More about Sean Strickland on his spar with Sneako

Sean not only praised Sneako in a now viral video on X, but he also opened up about the reason behind his spar with Sneako in the same. He revealed that he did the match with Sneako in favor of Pearl Davis.

The MMA fighter shared that he felt bad about his podcast with David getting lost. When asked to do a podcast with Sneako, Sean refused the offer but agreed to a fight with the Rumble streamer.

Some netizens even praised Sneako for fighting Sean Strickland on social media, as the clip of their match became viral.

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