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Safa boss calls colleague ‘stupid’ and a ‘loose cannon’ – report

Walter Steenbok Safa City Press AFCON

‘I have noted your continuous stupid insinuations about me,’ wrote Safa head of technical Walter Steenbok in an email, according to City Press.

South African Football Association technical director Walter Steenbok lashed out at Safa National Executive Member David Molwantwa in a heated e-mail exchange, according to a report from City Press.

The report states that Steenbok hit out at Molwantwa after the latter, who also headed up Safa’s delegation at the Africa Cup of Nations in the Ivory Coast, had criticised Steenbok for not giving enough notice to attend a meeting.

“I have noted a short notice invite to a technical committee meeting. However, one needs to raise serious concerns regarding how this committee business is conducted,” wrote Molwantwa in response to an email sent by Steenbok’s personal assistant on Tuesday, asking him to attend a technical meeting two days later.

“It is being disrespectful of yourselves to convene a meeting of such an important committee in the manner in which you are doing.”

This caused Steenbok to issue a stern response.

‘I am not your friend’

“Hi David, I have noted your continuous stupid insinuations about me over a period of time. For the record, this must be noted: My PA is inviting you to the meeting, she is a messenger,” wrote Steenbok.

“You could not wait to show your character and hatred towards me. For the record, I am not your friend and you must learn to respect other people.

“This meeting was called by the chairperson of the committee, (so your attack on me is stupid and disrespectful). As a member of this committee, you submit your comments or displeasure in writing and to the relevant person, instead of revealing your low class in public.

“You are quick to point at my attitude without first engaging me or your chairperson. Who has a stinking attitude then?

“If you want to run the affairs of the technical department, you must indicate so, instead of being a loose cannon.”

According to City Press, Molwantwa responded by threatening Steenbok with litigation.

“I humbly request you to publicly withdraw such insult as demeaning of my character and integrity or face legal consequences/litigation,” he wrote

“You have 12 hours to do so or face the music.”

The City Press article also notes that Molwantwa refused to comment further, while Steenbok could not be reached for comment.