Photographer Sues Dame Dash for $400 Million Over Alleged Unpaid Fees

Dame Dash is in legal trouble again, facing a lawsuit of around $400 million for non-payment to a photographer. The photographer recently filed a lawsuit against the record executive for damages caused to her photographs and photography equipment, which were allegedly taken by Dame and damaged.

Read on to learn more about Dame Dash being sued for $400 million for failing to pay a photographer.

Photographer sues Dame Dash for nearly $400 million

The co-founder of Roc-A-Fella Records, Dame Dash, has once again encountered legal trouble. A photographer has filed a lawsuit against him for nearly $400 million, alleging that he failed to pay for the photos and photography equipment taken by him and caused damage to them as well.

On February 22nd, a photographer named Monique Bunn accused the record executive of not paying her. She claimed that Dame owed her approximately $384,750,000 in damages, alleging that he had caused damage to her photos and the photography equipment he took from her.

Previous filed lawsuit against Dame Dash

According to court documents obtained by the media outlet XXL, the lawsuit filed by Bunn seeking nearly $400 million in damages from Dame Dash became public knowledge. However, this isn’t the first time Bunn has taken Dame to court.

Back in 2019, Bunn also filed a lawsuit against the Roc-A-Fella Records co-founder. At that time, she accused Dame of sexual assault, defamation of character, and even conversion. However, in 2023, she was awarded $30,000 by the jury’s decision for the defamation claim.

Dame Dash lawsuit
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More about the $400 million lawsuit against Dame Dash

Initially, in the lawsuit filed by Bunn, Dame Dash was cleared of theft and battery, with some amounts awarded to Bunn as well. However, the recently reported lawsuit filed by the photographer seeks nearly $400 million in damages from Dame Dash.

The court document reads as follows: “The evidence presented at trial, which was uncontested, established that each photo was worth $1500, which should have resulted in a verdict of at least $384,750,000.”

The court documents allege damages in the millions. However, it is yet to be determined whether Bunn will receive a favorable decision this time. Meanwhile, the next hearing is awaited, scheduled for March 22nd of this year.

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