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More security to deal with vagrancy at Pretoria north swimming pool

The Tshwane metro plans to provide additional security at its facilities, including the swimming pools to safeguard them against theft and vandalism.

These measures came after residents and community organisations complained about vagrants illegally sleeping in the bathrooms of the Pretoria North swimming pool on the corner of Emily Hobhouse Street and Brits Road.

Metro spokesperson Selby Bokaba said the city is aware of this matter and has engaged the metro police (TMPD) to assist in enforcing the relevant by-law to ensure that people don’t use ablution facilities to sleep in.

Bokaba said the city has engaged the Pretoria North CPF to assist.

“The CPF together with the TMPD evicted the people who were sleeping in the ablution facilities, but seemingly some of these people have moved back,” Bokaba said.

He said TMPD officers will be patrolling inside and around the park and pool to ensure that people stop using ablution facilities to sleep.

“The ablution facilities used to be open for members of the public who visited the park. It was no longer the case after the toilets, basins and urinals were vandalised on numerous occasions that the ablution facilities were locked and only opened for visitors who came to the swimming pool.”

He said during the winter of May 2023, security house doors were forced open during the night, and then people moved in and started sleeping in the ablution facilities.

emilyhobhouse2 09607
A person caught sleeping in the bathroom. Photo: Supllied.

Bokaba said the additional security will help to deal with the people who illegally sleep in the bathrooms.

However some members of the public visit the swimming pool and use the parking area to consume alcohol.

Bokaba said they are reprimanded when caught.

He said the metro strongly condemns this behaviour.

“No member of the public is allowed to the swimming pool area with alcohol and there is a visible signage indicating that alcohol is prohibited in the area,” said Bokaba.

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