Last Epoch Squirrel Build: A Complete Guide

Last Epoch

Last Epoch is an exciting hack and slash action role-playing game developed by Eleventh Hour Games (EHG). The game’s journey began in April 2018 when a free playable demo was released as part of Last Epoch’s Kickstarter drive. This demo allowed players to get a taste of the game’s mechanics and features. In April 2019, Last Epoch entered its beta phase and became available through Steam Early Access, allowing players to delve deeper into the game’s world and provide valuable feedback to the developers.

Originally planned for release in April 2020, the full launch of Last Epoch was rescheduled to the fourth quarter of 2020. However, in October 2020, a setback occurred as the Mac client for the game was canceled. The developers cited anticipated difficulties due to Apple’s transition to ARM-based processors as the reason for this decision.

Despite these challenges, the development of Last Epoch continued, and in December 2020, EHG announced that the game’s release would be delayed until 2021. Finally, in March 2023, a multiplayer beta was launched, allowing players to join forces and experience the game’s world together.

Last Epoch Squirrel Build

The Last Epoch Squirrel Build is a unique and fearsome playstyle that revolves around the Squirrel Beastmaster. This build harnesses the power of rage-infused squirrels, turning them into a force to be reckoned with. With the Herald of the Scurry, the Beastmaster can convert Summon Wolves into Summon Squirrels, effectively doubling their numbers. While this unique helmet is not essential to the build, it is highly recommended for optimal performance.

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In battle, the Beastmaster charges forward, his own ferocity infusing his loyal companions. He leads the pack with strength and power, unleashing their fury upon their enemies. To maximize their potential, the build utilizes Fury Leap, allowing the Beastmaster and his squirrels to leap into the heart of the battle. As they engage with their foes, the Spirit Wolves summoned by the Beastmaster attack with Swipe, dealing devastating damage.

To further enhance their abilities, the Squirrel Build incorporates Summon Frenzy Totem. This totem not only aids in the assault but also provides powerful buffs for the Beastmaster and his allies. Additionally, casting Warcry grants the Beastmaster and his companions additional powerful buffs, further strengthening their prowess on the battlefield.

While the Herald of the Scurry is a crucial component of this build, there are other unique items that greatly enhance its effectiveness. The Fang, Julra’s Obsession, Ribbons of Blood, and Bastion of Honour all synergize well with the Squirrel Build, providing additional bonuses and amplifying its ferocity.

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Last Epoch Squirrel Build Skills

The Last Epoch Squirrel Build utilizes a combination of skills to maximize the potential of the summoned squirrels. The Summon Squirrel skill itself is derived from the Summon Wolf tree, making Pack Hunters node a crucial component as it increases the pack or scurry size. To further enhance the damage output, it is recommended to invest in Savage Hunters, Legendary Bite, and Howl of Might, as they provide valuable damage multipliers. In the absence of The Fang unique item, allocating a point in Safety In Numbers is necessary.

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Swipe plays a vital role in this build as it helps trigger the Spirit Wolves from both wolves and squirrels. With the Wild Calling node, the AoE of Swipe can be maximized by equipping Wengarian Reach and taking advantage of the increased attack speed provided by Feline Hunter. Culling is another important node to ensure kills and activate The Circle of Life passive.

Summon Frenzy Totem is an exceptional support ability that grants incredibly powerful buffs while active. It synergizes particularly well with Summon Wolf thanks to nodes such as Bestial Frenzy and Lead The Pack. To cast Howl or Sciurine Rage more frequently, Furious Cry can be utilized.

Warcry plays a crucial role in gaining the Berserker buff, increasing attack speed, and subsequently triggering more Spirit Wolves with Swipe. Jormun’s Wrath is a valuable skill to freeze intimidating enemies, allowing the wolves or squirrels to benefit from Frigid Breath and deal more damage. It also provides a 1-second immunity thanks to the Juggernaut node.

Fury Leap serves as an excellent movement ability with utility and valuable minion synergies. The Warrior’s Entrance node provides a powerful offensive buff, while Pack Leader enables wolves or squirrels to jump alongside the player. Regain Stamina can be reliably triggered thanks to Swipe’s Culling node.

Last Epoch Trailer

Last Epoch Release Date

The release date for Last Epoch, set for February 21st, 2024, is an exciting milestone for both the developers and the gaming community. As the game is currently in Early Access, players have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the world of Last Epoch and provide valuable feedback to the development team. During this Early Access phase, the game will receive regular updates, allowing the developers to address any bugs, balance issues, and implement new features based on player input.

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This iterative process of updates and community engagement is crucial in shaping the final version of Last Epoch. It enables the developers to fine-tune gameplay mechanics, enhance graphics and audio, and ensure overall stability and performance. By involving the players in this ongoing development cycle, the team can gather valuable insights and make informed decisions to create the best possible gaming experience.

Last Epoch Overview


Eleventh Hour Games




Windows, Linux


February 21, 2024


Action role-playing, hack and slash


Single-player, multiplayer


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