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Kyle Richards' daughter 'sounds just like mom' as she blinks back tears over parents' split

Alexia Umansky, star of Buying Beverly Hills, got emotional in a clip of the Netflix show’s second season. Her father, Mauricio Umansky, opened up to his daughters about his split from Kyle Richards.

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Alexia Umansky ‘sounds like’ Kyle Richards

Alexia Umansky appears to be growing into Kyle Richards’ twin. Although all of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star’s daughters have close resemblances to her, Alexia wins at the most similar!

When a new clip of Buying Beverly Hills season 2 came out, fans were shook over how much she “sounds and looks just like Kyle”. One viewer wrote, “Jesus she sounds just like Kyle.”

“It’s the youngest, she sounds exactly like Kyle. To the point I was waiting to see her show up,” penned another. While one fan said, “Omgggg alexia is Kyles twin !!!! Wth down to the voice.”

She gets emotional on Buying Beverly Hills

Alexia blinked back tears while her sisters Farrah Abraham and Portia discussed their mom Kyle Richards’ separation from their dad, Mauricio Umansky, on a Buying Beverly Hills season 2 scene.

After admitting the whole split is “new terrain,” she said to her father and siblings, “I’m sorry that we’re all going through this. Sorry for all of us. I’m sorry for you guys, I’m sorry for you.”

Daughters discuss Kyle and Mauricio’s separation

Mauricio revealed to his and Kyle’s daughters that she told him he can “go out and date,” and that they are “separated” despite an “amazing 26 years” of marriage together.

He told his girls, “I need to have some time and a clear mind. Maybe I’ll go spend a month in Aspen [where he and Kyle have a house].” Farrah responded, “It’s so weird to be having these conversations.”

Sophia, their other daughter, began to cry and told Mauricio, “Like, we only even found out that there was any issues just a few months ago and now it’s just like, things have changed so quickly.”


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