Jack Doherty Addresses Grooming Allegations Amid Natalie Reynolds Accusations

Jack Doherty and his OnlyFans model girlfriend have finally reacted to their alleged OnlyFans video that’s going viral. Getting videos leaked with explicit content isn’t new on the internet, as many well-known celebrities have become targets of the same in the past. Here’s how Jack and his girlfriend have reacted to the alleged video leak.

Read ahead to learn more about Jack Doherty and his girlfriend’s reaction to their alleged leaked OnlyFans video.

The alleged OnlyFans leaked video of Jack Doherty and his girlfriend

While Jack Doherty might have previously gone viral for his streams, this time he is grabbing the attention of all on social media for his alleged OnlyFans video leak with girlfriend McKinley Richards on. The video surfaced on the internet on February 18th and appeared to be from Jack’s girlfriend’s OnlyFans account.

The video went viral, especially on X, with a post discussing it garnering more than 38 million views. However, many have been left confused about the authenticity of the video, as numerous fake videos also go viral on social media. Here’s what Jack and his girlfriend have said about the leaked clip.

Jack Doherty

Jack Doherty and his girlfriend react to their alleged OnlyFans leaked video

After the alleged OnlyFans leaked video of Jack Doherty and his girlfriend went viral on the internet, both took to X to react to the alleged leaked video of them. Responding to the accounts that shared the leaked video, Jack commented, ‘There are better vids on here.

Not just that, Jack’s girlfriend also referred to the leaked video as ‘weak.’ She further commented, ‘The best content is the stuff that’s not leaked.’ She even warned one of the posts about suing them. However, the account has since been deleted.

Jack Doherty

More about the alleged OnlyFans leaked video drama of Jack Doherty and his girlfriend

Jack shared another post in the context of the alleged OnlyFans leaked video. He posted a short clip of himself typing at the computer. He captioned it, ‘Me trying to take down all the leaks.

Not to forget, Jack Doherty has been supportive of his girlfriend, McKinley Richardson. He even challenged Andrew Tate for a boxing match sometime back after the controversial influencer insulted Richardson with a comment about her.

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