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First Dates star secured partner following show appearance – but it wasn't with the girl he dated

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EXCLUSIVE: First Dates star Stephen Hampton, who made history as the first double date on the show, has sat down with Reality Titbit to give us a dating update, and reveal what happened after his debut.

Remember the guy who joined First Dates with his sister, Cher? Well, Stephen chatted to us after we spotted his search for a new partner, six years after he tried to find his perfect match on E4.

Stephen Hampton on First Dates

Stephen Hampton went on First Dates with his twin, Rebecca, at the age of 22. Now 29, he’s working in film and television, and has even helped out the film crew on shows like Married at First Sight.

From Leicestershire, he appeared on series 11 episode 2, where he was matched with 24-year-old legal assistant Emily. They did see each other again after, with Stephen admitting she was “very keen on him”.

He told Reality Titbit, “We saw each other in Birmingham. She was very keen on me but I saw us more as friends. She kept messaging me, and it got very intense.” Stephen then called things off with Emily.

First Dates: The bill and Merlin’s cocktails

Stephen has dished the truth on whether he had to pay the bill, and what he thought of bartender Merlin. He told us it all begins by applying for the show and getting a phone call, before a three-hour interview.

His twin sister, Rebecca, was also brought onto the series, and they made history as the first double date on the show. Talking of the interview, Stephen said it “took three hours and was like therapy”.

He said, “They really ask you everything. The way they edited it made out like we never left the house. We didn’t back then, but after that, we went travelling to Australia, which really opened our eyes.”

Although Stephen would go back on the show, he claims they “wouldn’t let him” as both he and Emily had said yes to a second date. He also said their bill came to £120 and was paid £20 for his main by staff.

“It was quite expensive, but I thought they would pay. You do have to pay for the bill, they give you £20 for your main, and Merlin kept making us all these cocktails. I thought they were free!” he revealed.

Stephen, who has also worked on shows like The Masked Singer as a runner, also claims “the waiters are all actors” but added, “Merlin is a real barman, he’s very nice.”

He found a partner after E4 debut

Stephen found a partner thanks to First Dates, which was his “first proper relationship,” but it wasn’t with his date. He was contacted via DM by a viewer on Twitter, but they unfortunately split up.

However, he’s now looking for “someone nice and normal” after his dating life became “dead in the water”. Stephen shared a Facebook post into a First Dates fan group asking if anyone wants to date him!

He wrote, “I went on First Dates 6 years ago and I’m still bloody single! Would anyone like to go on a date with me? I promise my twin won’t be there.” For anyone interested, DM Stephen on IG at @stephenncher.


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