Buhari responsible for Nigeria’s Economic Hardship not Tinubu – Northern Group

A Northern-based civil society organization, known as the Civil Society For Credible Election, has urged Nigerians to redirect their grievances from President Bola Ahmed Tinubu to his predecessor, former President Muhammadu Buhari, for the current state of affairs in the country.

Addressing journalists in Kano, the leader of the group, Hon. Aliyu Umar, emphasized that the challenges confronting Nigeria were inherited by Tinubu from the Buhari administration.

Umar highlighted that Tinubu’s administration had been diligently working to rectify these issues with what he termed as “phantom steps and policies” aimed at addressing socio-cultural, economic, and political aspects of the nation.

In his words: “We recognize the fact that Nigerians are passing through hardship at the moment. It is a result of a global economic meltdown, but only further compounded by some shortcomings of the last administration under former president Muhammadu Buhari.”

“What people need to know about Nigeria’s present challenges is that President Bola Ahmed Tinubu inherited them from the past administration of former president Buhari but as a determined leader, Tinubu is pulling all strings together to overcome them head-on.”

Acknowledging the hardships faced by Nigerians, Umar attributed them to a combination of global economic downturns exacerbated by the deficiencies of the previous Buhari administration.

He emphasized Tinubu’s determination to confront these challenges head-on and urged citizens to exercise patience and cooperation as the administration implements strategic reforms.

He expressed confidence that the reforms would yield positive results, thereby restoring pride in the nation.

He concluded by urging citizens to support the administration’s policies and remain optimistic about Nigeria’s future under Tinubu’s leadership.