Bryce Hall Draws Online Ire with Response to Billie Eilish’s Comments on TikTokers at People’s Choice Awards

TikToker Bryce Hall is facing backlash on social media after reacting to Billie Eilish’s comment about TikTokers at the People’s Choice Awards. Recently, some TikTokers attended the event, and Billie expressed her opinion about their presence. However, Bryce Hall didn’t take kindly to her remarks and responded in kind.

Read ahead to learn more about Bryce Hall facing backlash for his reaction to Billie Eilish’s comment about TikTokers at the People’s Choice Awards.

Billie Eilish comments on TikTokers attending People’s Choice Awards

The People’s Choice Awards night was another much-awaited event that everyone has been looking forward to. However, a clip from the event has now gone viral on social media, showing Billie Eilish saying something about TikTokers to Kylie Minogue.

Some TikTokers were in attendance at the People’s Choice Awards this time. However, it seems that Billie wasn’t happy to see them. In the now-viral video, she was heard saying to Kylie, “I’m like, there’s some… TikTokers here.” She then immediately covered her face while pointing at something behind her.

Bryce Hall reacts to Billie Eilish’s comment on TikTokers present at the People’s Choice Awards

No doubt, Billie seemingly disapproved of TikTokers attending the People’s Choice Awards. Some of her fans also came in support of her comment on them. But it looks like TikToker Bryce Hall wasn’t happy with Billie’s reaction.

Not to forget, Bryce Hall was among the TikTokers who attended the awards show. Reacting to what Billie said about TikTokers attending the People’s Choice Awards, he said in his video, “First of all, Billie Eilish, I’m sorry that I didn’t acknowledge your greatness and bow down to you just because you’re another human being.”

He added, “And second, People’s Choice invited us personally. Everyone that attended People’s Choice and were sitting at those tables, we were invited by People’s Choice. So hate on them”.

Netizens troll Bryce Hall for hitting back at Billie Eilish over her People’s Choice Awards comment about TikTokers

Though many came in support of Billie Eilish over her comment about TikTokers attending the People’s Choice Awards, Bryce Hall, who attended the same event, wasn’t happy with what Billie said. He took no time to slam her for it in his recent video.

Meanwhile, some netizens have been trolling Bryce for hitting back at Billie. One user wrote, “he thought he did something, I’m crying.” Another added, “she doesn’t know, bro.” A user even commented, “who is Bryce Hall?” Billie has yet to react to the whole drama.

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