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Baddies East fight breaks out at reunion as Tesehki 'flings Scarface across the room'

Baddies West spin-off Baddies East launched its chaotic reunion, which saw Tesehki fling Scarface across the room. The two then began to throw punches at each other on The Zeus Network show.

Los Angeles Premiere of "BADDIES EAST"
Photo by Arnold Turner/Getty Images for The Zeus Network

Baddies East reunion descends into chaos

The Baddies East reunion was as chaotic as usual. Scarface and Tesehki had a fight, while Mariah was punched by ET’s friend after the reunion. Smiley was also invited to the episode, which surprised fans.

Rollie and Ahna Mac got into a brawl during part 1, with the latter chasing after her co-star during filming, but there’s even more crazy drama to come during part 2.

One viewer said, “They might as well have the reunion at a boxing gym #BaddiesEast.” Many are discussing how none of the cast came to talk, as most of them ended up physically fighting.

Scarface and Tesehki’s fight

Scarface and Tesehki had a fight on the recent Baddies East reunion. Rollie jumped in to help, as well as Ahna, while security and camera crews followed the two while they brawled.

Tesehki had an entire fight plan before filming began, and it all went exactly as she said it would.

Viewers say Tesehki “definitely won” during the planned fight. It comes after Scarface criticized Tesehki online, to which fans say they “respect Scarface for showing up knowing she would catch a lot of fades.”

Tesehki and Marsh’s brawl

In October 2023, Tesehki and Marsh had a fight on season 4 episode 5 that fans thought was way worse than her brawl with Scarface. Marsh is believed to have passed out after Tesehki put her in a headlock.

After jumping her outside the club the night before, Marsh and Janet returned for a one on one with Tesehki, when Janet stepped aside and let Marsh start the fight with Tesehki.

The two girls squared up and Marsh threw punches at Tesehki’s face but she misses most of them. Then, Tesehki hit back and threw punches at Marsh, before knocking her to the ground.

She continued to hit her until the pair were separated by security, leaving Marsh with five knots in her hair while her mouth bled profusely. Tesehki left the fight almost unscathed.


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