Are Kelly and Kenny Still Together From Love is Blind? Who are Kelly and Kenny in Love is Blind?

Are Kelly and Kenny Still Together From Love is Blind?

No, Kelly Chase and Kenny Barnes from “Love is Blind” are not still together. Their relationship, showcased on the show, faced challenges, with Kelly expressing doubts about their connection. Ultimately, Kelly decided to end their relationship at the altar. Following their breakup, both individuals pursued different paths.

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Kelly focused on her business endeavors and embarked on a podcasting journey. Meanwhile, Kenny moved on and tied the knot with Alexandra Garrison in April. Their divergent post-show experiences indicate that their relationship wasn’t meant to last, despite the initial hope viewers might have had for their romance. Therefore, while they may have shared a brief journey on the show, Kelly and Kenny have since gone their separate ways, with Kenny finding happiness with someone else.

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Who are Kelly and Kenny in Love is Blind?

Kelly Chase and Kenny Barnes are contestants from the inaugural season of the reality TV show “Love is Blind.” Their relationship was characterized by ups and downs, captivating viewers throughout the season. Despite only having a few dates within the show’s unique pod format, Kenny proposed to Kelly, showcasing his strong feelings for her.

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However, as their wedding day approached, cracks began to surface in their relationship. While Kenny remained affectionate and committed, Kelly expressed reservations about moving forward, indicating a desire to wait until after the wedding to become physically intimate.

Ultimately, on their wedding day, Kelly stunned audiences by declining Kenny’s proposal, leaving many fans wondering about the fate of their relationship. During the season’s reunion, Kelly revealed that she turned down Kenny because she felt they needed more time to date and get to know each other outside of the show’s confines.

Kenny, on the other hand, acknowledged that they had discussed not getting married multiple times, suggesting mutual hesitancy about the commitment. Their journey on “Love is Blind” serves as a testament to the complexities of relationships and the challenges of navigating love in a reality TV setting.

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Why Kenny Dumped Kelly After Love is Blind?

After the conclusion of filming for Love is Blind, Kelly and Kenny experienced a period of silence, during which they didn’t communicate for several weeks. Kenny, a member of the show’s cast, expressed a desire to focus on himself and take time for introspection.

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Despite Kelly’s attempts to reach out to Kenny by writing him a letter, he chose not to respond. Feeling the weight of the situation, Kelly recognized the need to step back, even though she mourned the potential loss of their connection. Several months later, Kelly made another attempt to connect with Kenny, this time to extend an apology to him.

Reflecting on her actions, Kelly pondered whether refraining from sending the initial letter might have altered the course of events. She contemplated the possibility that allowing Kenny space and time to reset without interference might have led to a different outcome in their relationship.

Love is Blind Season 1

The inaugural season of Love Is Blind debuted on Netflix starting from February 13, 2020, and wrapped up its run on February 27, 2020. Following the main season, a reunion episode aired on March 5, 2020, providing viewers with additional insights into the couples’ journeys.

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Furthermore, a three-part companion series titled “After the Altar” was released on July 28, 2021, offering further glimpses into the lives of the participants post-show. The season’s narrative centered around singles hailing from Atlanta, Georgia, who embarked on an unconventional journey to find love.

Throughout the season, viewers witnessed the trials and triumphs of the contestants as they navigated the complexities of forming romantic connections without physical interaction. The release of subsequent reunion episodes and companion pieces allowed fans to delve deeper into the aftermath of the experiment, offering closure and additional context to the stories that unfolded during the main season.

Where to Watch Love is Blind Season 1?

Presently, viewers have the opportunity to stream “Love Is Blind – Season 1” on Netflix. This includes access to the show through Netflix’s basic subscription tier, which may feature advertisements. Subscribers can enjoy watching the entire first season of the series, following along with the romantic journeys of the contestants as they navigate the unique experiment to find love without seeing each other face-to-face.

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The availability of the show on Netflix’s platform offers audiences the convenience of accessing the content at their leisure, allowing them to immerse themselves in the drama, emotions, and surprises that unfold throughout the season. Whether viewers opt for the basic subscription tier or another plan, they can indulge in binge-watching the captivating episodes of “Love Is Blind – Season 1” from the comfort of their own homes, enjoying uninterrupted entertainment and the opportunity to engage with the compelling narratives presented in the show.


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