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Amy Slaton's new boyfriend 'isn't sure about going on TV' as their relationship blossoms

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Amy Slaton has a new boyfriend, Kevin, known as Mr Dad on TikTok and YouTube. He has promised fans he will “treat her good” after fans saw the 1000-lb Sisters star go through a stressful divorce.

The 1000-lb Sisters cast member is enjoying her dates with a man called Kevin. Amy Slaton and Kevin have been sharing regular insights into their new relationship, and this time, fans have high hopes.

Amy Slaton’s boyfriend Kevin

Amy Slaton introduced her new boyfriend, Kevin, on TikTok. He is known as Mr Dad on the video platforms YouTube and TikTok, and appears to be a dad of two boys, like Amy.

When a fan asked how the two met, Kevin said he could not share any information. He started posting selfies with Amy on February 4 and even shared a Facetime between them, both smoking.

Amy appears to have met his two sons. Although some fans were concerned he was “using her” for fame, Kevin admitted he’s “leaning more towards no” when it comes to the idea of being on the TLC show.

Mr Dad promises to ‘treat Amy good’

Several 1000-lb Sisters fans have encouraged Kevin to “treat Amy good”. He has promised to do so multiple times, such as when he replied, “I intend to. don’t worry.. thank you!”

When a fan said they “can’t wait to see him on TV,” Kevin told them, “I’m honestly not sure I would want to do that. I’m leaning towards no unless she wanted me to.”

He also admitted he hasn’t met her kids which “won’t happen for a long time.” Kevin also told his followers, “I don’t watch her show. I don’t know what half of you [are] talking about.”

1000-lb Sisters fans have high hopes

Viewer are in favour of Amy’s newfound happiness, with many noticing how genuinely happy she appears to be. It comes after she finalized a divorce with the father of her kids, Michael Halterman, in 2023.

Amy previously had a relationship with a man called Tony Rodgers, until they split recently. Since then, she’s been videoed and pictured with Kevin, having gone on two dates by February 16.


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