Meme Moguls (MGLS) Token Reaches New All-Time High As ORDI (ORDI) and Memecoin (MEME) Slip Into Free Fall

Meme Moguls (MGLS) influx of investors has pushed the token price to an all-time high of $0.0036 providing 90% ROI to early buyers. From the thrilling creative challenges to the fun-filled community activities, users are outpacing one another in the process of becoming the winner of the $10,000 MGLS giveaway. As Meme Moguls presale 5 starts, analysts are rating Meme Moguls as one of the best DeFi tokens expected to pump 100x in 2024. Meanwhile, the ORDI (ORDI) and Memecoin’s (MEME) current trajectory is bearish with significant losses in the past week.

Users Intensifies Effort As Quests for Meme Moguls (MGLS) Reaches New ATH of $0.0036

The Meme Moguls $MGLS token giveaway is getting interesting by the day with challenging quests and thrilling events. The Ethereum-based platform will give the winner of these events $10,000 worth of MGLS tokens. To participate, users have to hold the MGLS token, complete Zealy quests and actively support community engagement on the social media handles.

Early adopters of this project were given a 90% ROI with more to come. Furthermore, Meme Moguls has a play-to-earn game where users compete to win amazing cash prizes and rewards. 

For each user, a virtual cash worth $100,000 will be provided to fund their portfolio. The goal is to use the training offered by the platform to turn the virtual cash into cashable returns. The stage 4 of the MGLS presale ended with the price closed at $0.0027. Now that the presale is in stage 5, the price has gone up to $0.0036.

The innovative features of Meme Moguls have made it attractive to investors, with close to $2M raised since the start of the presale. Unlike many memecoins that thrive on social media hype, Meme Moguls provide actual utilities in the form of games, finance and education. This makes it one of the best DeFi tokens to invest in right over ORDI and Memecoin.

Analysts have predicted the platform’s utility token, MGLS, an ERC20 token to go from its current price of $0.0036 to $0.19 when it launches. This means investors can trigger a 100x return by purchasing the token now. With a 30% deposit bonus available for new investors, Meme Moguls is a top crypto to buy and break into the billion-dollar meme industry.


ORDI Memecoin (ORDI) Declines as General Market Condition Looks Bearish

The general market downturn has affected the price of many meme coins with ORDI price slipping by 25% in the past week. This has resulted in many investors taking a selling position. 

Although the ORDI trading volume saw a significant surge within the past week, its market cap has inevitably experienced a downturn. As Bitcoin-based crypto, a bullish sentiment for Bitcoin improves the market value of ORDI. Crypto experts have projected that the ORDI token will rally soon with speculations of a bull run in the coming weeks. 

Memecoin (MEME) Declines by 27% in One Month 

With the bearish market dominating the global crypto market, Memecoin (MEME) has seen a sharp decline in its price value. Memecoin price has plummeted by 27% in the past month and 17.05% in the last 7 days. 

A look at the Memecoin trading charts reveals the prevalence of the bears. Key metrics such as RSI and the EMAs performance also suggest that the Memecoin bearish pattern may not go anytime soon. However, the coming bull run may spark a resurgence for Memecoin.

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