Wiz Khalifa DSP Lyrics know the real meaning of Wiz Khalifa's DSP song lyrics

Wiz Khalifa DSP Lyrics

I think next time, next time, maybe
Should we ask him to sing next time?

One puff, that’s liftoff
Two puffs, staying here for sure
Three puffs, ask him where’s the smoke
Four puffs, you wanna smoke some more, more
Blow it by the O, O
Blow it by the O, O
Blow it by the O, O

Wiz Khalifa DSP Lyrics Meaning

The lyrics describe the experience of smoking marijuana, with each puff leading to a different level of effect. The repetition of “Blow it by the O” suggests enjoying and sharing the smoke, creating a relaxed and carefree atmosphere.

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Wiz Khalifa DSP Lyrics Details


Wiz Khalifa

Release Date



In The Realm Of Giants



Wiz Khalifa DSP Lyrics Facts

The provided text appears to be lyrics from a song, likely related to the act of smoking or consuming marijuana. The lyrics mention the number of “puffs” and the desire to continue smoking. The repetition of the phrase “Blow it by the O” suggests a reference to exhaling smoke in the shape of the letter “O.” Overall, the lyrics convey a casual and recreational approach to smoking cannabis.

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