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TV stars' romance blossomed 'organically' after 'gravitational pull' at BravoCon

Bravo stars Danielle Olivera and Joe Bradley have confirmed their new romance after connecting at this year’s BravoCon. As a brand new Southern Hospitality season kicks off, fans are reacquainted with Joe. And, Danielle is currently starring in Winter House season 3.

Although Danielle is seen cozying up to her Winter House co-star Alex Propson this season, things clearly don’t work out between the pair. Danielle was glad to know she “still had it,” after her break up with her boyfriend of two years, Robert Sieber. But, now it seems that she’s giving love another shot with Joe.

Danielle Olivera attends the Legends Ball - 2022 BravoCon
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Danielle Olivera and Joe Bradley ‘organically’ connected

In early November, Danielle and Joe got to know one another at BravoCon and he spilled some of the details to Page Six of their blossoming romance.

Joe explained that Kyle Cooke “took him under his wing,” and that they were hanging out with more Winter House stars including Kory Keefer, and Brian Benni.

The Southern Hospitality star also said that he feels that Andrea Denver is his “long lost Italian brother.”

Speaking of Danielle, Joe said that he felt a “gravitational pull,” towards her and that they “hooked up” during the last night of BravoCon.

The Bravo newbie added: “It was very organic.”

Joe and Danielle’s hard launch

During a November 15 episode of the Watch What Happens Live After Show, Danielle and Jordan Emanuel were guests on Andy Cohen’s couch.

Before the two got talking, Andy gave some of his audience members some attention, including Joe.

Speaking to the Southern Hospitality star, Andy asked whether Joe had Botox in his forehead. Joe confirmed that he hasn’t had any, but that people often suggest that he should.

The 28-year-old exclusively told People Magazine back in November that appearing in the WHHL audience was a “hard launch” of their relationship.

Alex still wants to be Danielle’s ‘friend’

Now that Danielle and Joe are officially dating, her Winter House romance with Alex Propson appears to have faded into the background.

Although, Alex did explain on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen that he “cares about being her friend.”

Alex said that the two had “maintained a really good friendship until about six days ago.”

Andy pointed out that the Winter House reunion had been filmed six days prior.

After going in for a “hug” and being “friendly,” Alex said that Danielle “said something under her breath,” which made him think that she was “mad” at him since leaving the house.

Fellow Winter House star Katie Flood pitched in that Danielle had watched episodes of season 3 the night before the reunion which may have been a factor in their awkward moment.


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