Three reasons why Nigeria’s Super Eagles may not win the 2023 Africa Cup of Nations in Ivory Coast

As the 2023 Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON) looms on the horizon, Nigeria’s Super Eagles find themselves with aspirations of reclaiming past glory.

However, a closer look at the team reveals significant challenges that may hinder their quest for a fourth AFCON title.

In this piece,‘s Imhons Erons explores three compelling reasons why the Super Eagles may not emerge victorious in Ivory Coast.

Team imbalance – Strikers galore, midfielders sore

One glaring issue plaguing Nigeria’s Super Eagles is the imbalance in their squad composition.

While the team boasts some of the best strikers plying their trade in Europe, the midfield department lacks the necessary depth and creativity.

The abundance of top-notch attackers may seem like a luxury, but it potentially threatens the team’s synergy.

The shortage of quality midfielders could result in a lack of service to the prolific strikers, ultimately stifling their goal-scoring opportunities.

The dilemma faced by head coach Jose Peseiro is evident, as the surplus of strikers leaves him pondering over the optimal lineup and strategic approach.

A team with an overemphasis on attackers and a deficiency in midfield creativity may struggle to unlock opposing defences, making the journey to AFCON glory an arduous one.

Goalkeeping woes – A vital component in disarray

Historically, championship-winning teams boast a reliable goalkeeper as a cornerstone of their success.

Unfortunately, the Super Eagles enter the AFCON with concerns surrounding their goalkeeping department.

Coach Peseiro’s first-choice goalkeeper, Francis Uzoho, has been marred by errors, raising doubts about his ability to anchor the team’s defence effectively.

Peseiro’s preferred alternative, Stanley Nwabili, is characterised by erratic performances, leaving the tactician with an unenviable choice.

Moreover, Peseiro’s reluctance to place trust in home-based goalkeepers, who lack international experience, further exacerbates the goalkeeping conundrum.

Without a solid and dependable presence between the posts, Nigeria’s defensive stability may be compromised, jeopardizing their chances in crucial matches.

Loyalty in question – Peseiro’s dual commitments

While head coach Jose Peseiro has boldly proclaimed his determination to lead the Super Eagles to AFCON glory, recent revelations overshadow his commitment.

The Nigerian Football Federation (NFF) has set a high bar, tasking Peseiro with guiding the team to the semifinals or facing dismissal.

However, whispers of Peseiro’s interest in the coaching position at Egyptian club Zamalek suggest a potential conflict of priorities.

The revelation raises questions about Peseiro’s unwavering dedication to the Super Eagles’ cause.

With the coach eyeing opportunities elsewhere, his divided focus may become a stumbling block, impacting the team’s cohesion and preparation for the tournament.

The delicate balance between personal ambitions and national duties could prove detrimental to Nigeria’s chances of clinching the AFCON title after a decade-long drought.

As Nigeria embark on their AFCON journey, the hurdles outlined above underscore the formidable challenges that lie ahead.

The team’s success hinges on addressing these issues promptly and strategically.

While the Super Eagles carry the weight of past triumphs, overcoming the present obstacles is imperative for a triumphant return to the summit of African football.

Only time will reveal whether Nigeria can navigate these challenges and emerge victorious in Ivory Coast, securing a long-awaited AFCON title.