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The Voice 'nails' the final 5 lineup but judge awkwardly loses all their singers

The Voice’s 5 finalists for 2023 have been revealed. But a judge has awkwardly lost all of her singers as her one remaining contestant was eliminated. Fans say they “nailed” the final 5 on The Voice…

NBC‘s singing competition is seeing the end, as December 18 and 19 are all set to air the finale. The Voice has whittled a long line-up of talented singers down to just five remaining contestants. It wasn’t an easy ride for all of the judges, as Gwen Stefani was run dry, meaning she’s basically out of the competition.

Gwen Stefani Honored With Star On The Hollywood Walk Of Fame
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The Voice 5 finalists for 2023

Team Reba’s Ruby Leigh and Jacquie Roar, along with Niall Horan’s Mara Justine and Huntley, have soared to final 5 on The Voice 5 2023, as well as John Legend’s Lila Forde.

Sadly, we had to say goodbye to Jordan Rainer, Bias, Nini Iris, and Mac Royals during Tuesday’s episode. One that stayed is 16-year-old country singer/yodeller Ruby Leigh from Foley, Missouri.

Jacquie Roar, another of Reba’s stars, had all four coaches initially turn for her country and rock combination. Mara Justine also had every coach fighting for her, while Huntley and Lila are super unique.

Instant save on The Voice

Jacquie Roar ended up winning the Instant Save, securing a spot in the Season 24 finale through live fan voting, becoming the well-deserved fifth of The Voice 5 finalists for 2023.

Although the final five were “nailed,” some believe that Nini Iris was “robbed” of her place in the last two episodes. Jacquie sang Alone by Heart for her last chance performance.

There’s no wonder she got the fan vote, because the singer has 46K followers on TikTok! She started singing at a young age and went on to sing for Martina McBridge, Alan Jackson and Kelsea Ballerini.

Gwen Stefani’s last singer eliminated

Gwen had just one singer on her team but they were eliminated during the December 12 episode. This means she’s out of the running for the win, yet the judge will still be there to support the finalists.

She has won the competition once during her seven-season stint. Gwen was looking for a second win with Bias, after he first stunned her when performing one of her husband Blake Shelton‘s songs.

“I loved your energy, I love your spirit,” Stefani said, adding that as a coach she would encourage the 23-year-old singer from Chattanooga, Tennessee, to bring out more growl in his voice.


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