The Million Roses Has Teamed Up With Taylor Swift To Bring You The Perfect Holiday Gift



Lover of roses and all things Taylor Swift? We’d like to invite you in for all the details on a collaboration that The Million Roses has put together. We’re positive it will take your breath away. Details are below.

The luxury floral company’s roses are sourced from the sun-kissed fields of Ecuador, offering timeless beauty that will last for years while also making the perfect gift for all the Swifties in your life. A personal favorite of ours is their Reputation bouquet but the real show stopper is their collaboration for Taylor Swift’s Red album. The arrangements are just a breathtaking display of roses amongst the choices for Taylor’s Version albums they have assembled.

The arrangements range in price from $105 to $280 in the above selection. You are able see the full price list here.

PNG image52
Image Courtesy of A Million Roses

We clearly couldn’t help but be awed by the attention paid to all of the arrangements. The big show stopper for these roses is of course the work they did to curate Taylor Swift’s Red. Let us know your thoughts on this collection and if you will be adding them to your Christmas wish list. We know we will, with Reputation at the top of our wish list.