Tension in Edo as 2024 Budget allocates N19 billion for Obaseki’s office, N300 million for Shaibu

The allocation disparities in Edo’s 2024 Budget have intensified tensions in the state, specifically about the substantial gap between the budgetary allotments for Governor Godwin Obaseki’s office and that of Deputy Governor Philip Shaibu.

The budget, which designates a staggering N19 billion to the Governor’s office, sharply contrasts with the comparatively meagre N300 million allocated to the Deputy Governor’s office.

The glaring discrepancy has sparked widespread discontent and raised concerns about the equitable distribution of resources within the state’s leadership.

This significant imbalance in allocations has prompted criticism and accusations of unfairness, triggering heated debates and escalating tensions among stakeholders in Edo State.

The stark contrast in funding between the Governor’s office and that of the Deputy Governor has become a focal point of contention, stirring discontent among supporters of Deputy Governor Shaibu.

The apparent disparity in budgetary provisions has not only intensified existing political rifts but has also raised questions about the underlying motives behind such stark discrepancies in allocations within the state’s budget.

One source told Leadership newspaper, “This feels like another executive attempt to punish Shaibu financially and frustrate his ambitions. Governor Obaseki seems to forget that while Shaibu is an individual, the Deputy Governor’s office remains an institution.”

Furthermore, insiders claim the controversial budget has fractured the previously united Assembly due to the Governor’s alleged influence.

One source commented, “He may think he’s gained an advantage now, but it could ultimately backfire.”