Sabrina Carpenter Defends Controversial Music Video Filmed at Brooklyn Church Amid Backlash

Sabrina Carpenter has responded to the backlash she’s been facing for filming her music video in a Catholic church. The singer has gone viral on the internet for one of her music videos that hasn’t been well-received by many due to its backdrop of a Catholic church. But here’s what Sabrina had to say about the backlash.

Read ahead to know more about Sabrina Carpenter’s response to the backlash after her music video was filmed in a Catholic church.

Sabrina Carpenter films music video in catholic church

The popular singer and actress Sabrina Carpenter have stirred controversy on social media with her recent music video. However, the cause for the uproar is not something positive, as her video is facing backlash due to its backdrop, which was filmed in a Catholic church.

The music video for her new song “Feather” had Sabrina filmed in a Roman Catholic church in Brooklyn. The video was released on October 31, 2023. However, the use of the church as a filming location seems to have stirred controversy among many.

Sabrina Carpenter faces backlash for filming music video in catholic church

The music video of Sabrina Carpenter filmed in a Catholic church has created a buzz on the internet. Many people found the use of the church as a filming location to be inappropriate according to the church’s values. In response to their disappointment, netizens slammed Sabrina on social media.

In the video, Sabrina could be seen wearing a short black tulle dress. She is seen dancing near pastel coffins at the church, one of which had “RIP B***H” written on it. The singer responded to the backlash by stating, “We got approval in advance, and Jesus was a carpenter.”

Netizens react to the response of Sabrina Carpenter

Sabrina Carpenter’s reaction to the backlash on her church-filmed video hasn’t been well-received by many, and they also criticized her response. Netizens took to social media to express their opinions on Sabrina’s reaction.

One user on social media commented, “every time i remember Sabrina said Jesus was a carpenter in response to getting backlash from the church she filmed feather out i giggle”. Not to forget, after all of this drama, a Mass was held too to restore church’s “sanctity”.

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