Roselyn Ngissah Celebrates Christmas With Children


In a heartwarming display of festive generosity, renowned actress Roselyn Ngissah organized a delightful Christmas party for some underprivileged children at the De-Blessings Foundation in Labadi on Saturday.

The event, a cornerstone of her annual holiday celebrations, became a vibrant spectacle of joy, laughter, and benevolence.

Children from Labadi and surrounding areas flocked to the event, drawn by the promise of a joy-filled celebration. The young attendees were treated to a feast, featuring soft drinks, rice, indomie, and other delightful treats.

The festivities also included a range of engaging activities, such as a spirited dancing competition, a race to consume Gari soakings, and a lively Bigo Drink contest.

Throughout the event, the children radiated sheer happiness, creating indelible memories that will undoubtedly linger in their hearts.

Roselyn Ngissah, in an interview, shared her enthusiasm for organizing the party as her special “Christmas gift for kids, so they can also feel happy.”

She expressed, “It is the festive season, and we need to show love.”

The event not only brought joy and merriment to the attendees but also underscored the importance of compassion and goodwill during the holiday season.

Roselyn Ngissah’s dedication to spreading happiness and creating lasting memories showcased the true spirit of Christmas.

By Francis Addo