RHOC Fans in Uproar as Andy Cohen Sparks Doubt Over Vicki Gunvalson’s Return in Season 18

The anticipation surrounding Vicki Gunvalson’s potential return to ‘Real Housewives of Orange County’ (RHOC) for Season 18 has stirred speculation among fans. However, a recent lukewarm response from host Andy Cohen has cast doubt on the OG cast member’s comeback.

Andy Cohen’s Response Disappoints Fans:

Despite fervent fan excitement about the prospect of Vicki Gunvalson returning to RHOC, Andy Cohen’s recent response to Jeff Lewis’ inquiry has left some fans disappointed. In defending the decisions made for the show’s cast, Cohen did not express strong enthusiasm for Vicki’s potential return, dampening the hopes of devoted viewers.

“I thought last season was a great amount of Vicki. I thought she came in, she came out. She was fun. She’s light as a feather,” remarked Cohen in response to Jeff Lewis’ pressure to bring Vicki back.

Fan Outrage on Social Media:

Following Andy Cohen’s response, fans took to Instagram

to express their frustration and disappointment. Some criticized Cohen for what they perceived as his unilateral decision-making regarding the show’s cast. Many voiced their desire for Vicki’s return, suggesting that the show needs her unique flair to inject more excitement into the drama.

“It’s pretty much all what Andy wants, and he doesn’t care what the viewers want! That wasn’t enough of Vicki; we wanted more of her, and Taylor should have been asked back,” expressed one user.

Why did Vicki Gunvalson leave ‘RHOC’?

Vicki Gunvalson, the iconic OG cast member of RHOC, exited the show after 14 seasons, citing dissatisfaction with being cast in the friend role. In a now-deleted Instagram post, Vicki revealed that she signed her contract in February 2020 but heard nothing after the pandemic hit. Feeling disrespected and pushed aside, Vicki’s decision to leave was driven by her perceived sidelining and mistreatment.

Recent revelations suggest canceled contracts, reinforcing Vicki’s feelings of mistreatment. Bravo’s alleged cost concerns and a shift towards younger housewives in casting choices may have contributed to the termination of her contract.

Vicki Gunvalson's

Significant Shakeup in the RHOC Roster:

Vicki Gunvalson’s departure, along with that of longtime housewife Tamra Judge, marks a significant shakeup in the Orange County Housewives roster. The exit of these seasoned cast members has sparked discussions about the changing dynamics of the show and the potential impact on its future seasons.

As fans continue to express their opinions on social media, the uncertainty surrounding Vicki Gunvalson’s return to RHOC remains a topic of intense speculation within the reality TV community.

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