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Reality fans infuriated by finale episode delay but clever workaround saves day

Bachelor in Paradise came to an end this December with a finale not to be missed. Two couples left the dating show engaged to be married. But some fans were totally confused when the final episode was not on Hulu. Episodes are usually available to watch on the streaming service one day after they air on ABC.

September 28 saw Jesse Palmer welcoming the singletons of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette to the beach. In total, 30 people attempted to find love in Mexico, but not all of them walked away in a relationship. Kylee and Aven, Kat and John Henry, and Eliza and Aaron B came to their final decisions during Bachelor in Paradise season 9 episode 10.

Brayden Bowers and Mercedes Northup stand on stage on Bachelor in Paradise beach
Craig Sjodin/Disney via Getty Images

‘Bachelor in Paradise is not on Hulu’

Bachelor in Paradise fans were confused to find that the season 9 finale was not available to watch on Hulu this December.

After the final episode of the season aired on ABC on December 7, many people were expecting to see episode 10 arrive on streaming service Hulu a day later on Friday, December 8.

However, it was initially nowhere to be seen.

Many fans took to X (Twitter) to ask why the final episode wasn’t available on Hulu. One wrote: “Waiting for @hulu to put #BachelorInParadise finale on so I can watch.”

However, one fan had a solution to the issue writing a reply on Twitter reading: “Play episode 9, skip to the end and it’ll play the finale next.”

Bachelor in Paradise wasn’t the only delayed final

While some fans waited for the Bachelor in Paradise season 9 finale to arrive on Hulu, others said that they experienced the same thing with the Golden Bachelor.

The Golden Bachelor finale episode came out on November 30, but some fans were also delayed in finding out who Gerry Turner picked to be his life partner.

Some fans were cleary very disappointed that they had to wait longer to see the Bachelor show finales this year.

One person tweeted: “Every time a big finale is supposed to air, it’s always late. I don’t know why it just “happens to happen” on the biggest episodes. Why do we even pay for Hulu if you can’t even stream it the next day.”

Hulu viewers can watch BiP now

Thankfully, the Bachelor in Paradise season 9 finale is now available to stream on Hulu.

One fan tweeted that they had to wait until 2 am on December 8 to watch the episode and others continued to express their disappointment on social media.

Now that the tenth episode has been added, fans can stream the three-hour-long finale and find out which of the couples leave Paradise engaged.

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