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Ready or Not 

Ready or Not is a video game where you play as a police SWAT team dealing with crime in a made-up city called Los Sueños, California. It was made by a company called VOID Interactive in Ireland and came out for Microsoft Windows.

The game first came out on Steam early access on December 17, 2021, and then the full version was released on December 13, 2023. People liked the game because of its cool atmosphere and gameplay. Some even think it’s like a new version of the SWAT series by Sierra Entertainment. However, some folks didn’t like the game’s tone and how it handled certain topics.

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Ready or Not Best Guns

In Ready or Not, players have access to a range of powerful weapons, each with its own strengths. Here are some of the best guns in the game:

  1. GA416 Assault Rifle:

    • Known for its reliability, the GA416 is a versatile assault rifle suitable for various situations. With controllable recoil and customizable attachments, it excels in both short and long-range combat.
  2. SPC9 SMG:

    • The Special Purpose Carbine (SPC9) is a top-tier SMG, perfect for close-quarter confrontations. Its high fire rate allows players to quickly dispatch enemies, making it effective in smaller maps and even holding its ground in larger areas.
  3. M1014 Shotgun:

    • If close-quarter battles and breaching rooms are your style, the M1014 shotgun is an excellent choice. Known for its fast firing and customization options, it’s a reliable shotgun for players who prefer a more aggressive approach.
  4. B92SX Pistol:

    • The B92SX stands out as a precise and reliable secondary weapon. With a high ammo count, it’s great for dealing with armored enemies without worrying about accuracy or recoil issues.
  5. MK18 Assault Rifle:

    • Featuring a built-in scope, the MK18 is an exceptional assault rifle that enhances efficiency in clearing rooms. Its short barrel design makes it highly adaptable and efficient in the right hands.
  6. MPX SMG:

    • The MPX is a fast-reloading SMG with low recoil, making it a valuable asset in intense situations. Its ability to unload fast-firing bullets without worrying about running out of ammo adds a strategic advantage.
  7. Beanbag Shotgun:

    • For those opting for a non-lethal approach, the Beanbag Shotgun fires beanbags, causing pain to incapacitate enemies without killing them. Careful use is required to avoid unintentional lethality.
  8. VKS Assault Rifle:

    • As a non-lethal option, the VKS Assault Rifle aids in detaining enemies. Its fast-firing pepperball gun with decent range and control makes it useful in missions where minimizing casualties is crucial.

Choosing the right combination of these weapons is essential for success in Ready or Not missions, requiring players to strategize their loadout for each encounter.


Ready or Not Gameplay

In Ready or Not, you’re basically playing as a cop dealing with tough situations. The game is all about being super realistic. You’ve got to plan out your moves carefully because just a few shots can take you or your enemies down. You get to choose your weapons and make them your own by adding cool stuff like scopes and silencers.

There are also gadgets like grenades and shields to help you out. You can use non-harmful weapons, too, like tasers or pepper spray, to catch the bad guys without hurting them too much. But sometimes, these non-harmful weapons can accidentally cause more damage than you meant to.

When you’re facing the bad guys, you’ve got to be cautious—they might try to trick you by pretending to be down or even faking their deaths. So, you’ve got to be smart and make sure they’re really out of commission by handcuffing them. And here’s the thing: if you end up hurting innocent people or your own team, the game isn’t too happy about it. It’s like following the rules and being fair in the game’s world is a big deal.

Ready or Not Development

The game Ready or Not started being made in June 2016, and they showed a video about it on YouTube in May 2017. A special early version was given out in August 2019 to some people who had a special edition of the game, but they had to keep it secret.

In April 2020, they let some supporters and YouTubers try a part of the game and share what they thought. The game officially came out for early access on Steam in December 2021. Later, in 2023, they said the whole game was ready and released it.

They mentioned new missions about swatting and illegal crypto mining, as well as making improvements like better gear and characters who can do more on their own. There were some problems along the way, like a team-up with another group called Team17 that didn’t work out, and a hiccup on Steam because of a level in the game set in a nightclub, but they fixed that and got the game back up.

Ready or Not Trailer

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