Raquel Going Rogue: Vanderpump Rules Star “Raquel Leviss” Unveils Exciting New Podcast

After the infamous “Scandoval” incident on the Vanderpump Rules show, Raquel Leviss has finally announced her comeback, and her fans are excited to learn more. Raquel faced a lot of criticism on social media when her affair with Tom Sandoval became known. However, after keeping a low profile for a while, Raquel is now ready to step back into the spotlight.

Read ahead to know more about Vanderpump Rules star Raquel Leviss returning to the spotlight after the infamous “Scandoval” incident.

Vanderpump Rules’ infamous “Scandoval”

Tom Sandoval and Ariana Madix of Vanderpump Rules have been in a relationship for years. While the couple was seen together on Vanderpump Rules, showcasing their romance on the show, everything changed when their co-star Raquel Leviss entered the scene.

Tom Sandoval, despite being in a relationship with Madix, had an affair with Raquel Leviss. This not only shocked Madix and the other cast of the show but also left viewers of the show surprised. All of this created a lot of buzz on the internet, leading to both Leviss and Tom receiving criticism on social media.

Raquel Leviss to return after the infamous Scandoval in the spotlight

The infamous “Scandoval” incident led to both Tom and Raquel facing a lot of criticism on social media. Not only that, but they also had to keep a distance from being in the limelight after the incident. Although they apologized for what happened, “Scandoval” became a topic of discussion on the internet.

Raquel Leviss, however, after a long hiatus, is all set to come back into the spotlight. She announced her return on social media, revealing her very own podcast on Instagram. The podcast is officially titled “Raquel Going Rogue.”

Raquel Leviss
Image Via Instagram@rachelgoesroguepodcast

More about Raquel Leviss coming back with her podcast

Fans of Raquel Leviss are excited to learn that the Vanderpump Rules star is making a comeback with her very own podcast. Although the specific topics of the podcast and whether there will be any special guests are not yet known, announcements regarding these details may come soon.

Not to forget, Raquel Leviss’s podcast will be launching in January 2024. It will be available on iHeart for everyone to catch up with. Meanwhile, social media has seen Raquel’s fans wishing her all the best for her new journey. As one fan commented, “Get it, girl! Do what you need to do to heal.”

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