Presidential Amnesty: Final batch of aircraft maintenance engineers completes training

The last batch of 20 aircraft maintenance engineers under the Presidential Amnesty Programme (PAP) Aviation Resuscitation Programme has graduated from the Leadstream Aviation Academy, Lagos.

Freston Akpor, spokesman for the PAP interim administrator, Barry Ndiomu, announced in a statement on Tuesday.

The 20 trainees were among the 40 aircraft maintenance engineers participating in the programme.

“They are part of the 75 lot comprising 35 cadet pilots and 40 Aircraft Maintenance Engineers under the Presidential Amnesty Programme Aviation Resuscitation Programme,” the statement said.

It explained that with the latest development, all the 40 engineers shortlisted had completed their programmes and would be rated on select aircraft engine types.

The on-the-job programme would run for 12 months, of which their living expenses for the OJT period had been fully covered in advance by the PAP.

Mr Ndiomu advised the engineers during their graduation ceremony to always stay focused and strive for excellence. He called on relevant government agencies to support the PAP’s efforts in developing manpower for local and international strategic industries.

“I call on the Ministry of Aviation and Aerospace Management as well as its appendage agencies to support and collaborate with the PAP on its aggressive talent development drive,” the PAP administrator explained.

Mr Ndiomu said six cadet pilots out of the 12 deployed in October 2023 to various aviation training organisations in Johannesburg, South Africa, would return to Nigeria this week, having successfully completed their type rating training programme.