Pasadena police dog Rex has nose slashed on Christmas Day. Suspect in custody and unbitten

A Pasadena police dog is recovering at home after being injured by a burglary suspect in the city on Christmas Day.

The suspect, who police said threw a metal object that slashed the 2-year-old dog’s snout, was arrested on suspicion of burglary and injuring a peace officer’s animal.

Officers responded to a call around noon Monday about a man attempting to break into the 99 Cents Only store at 1720 E. Colorado Blvd., according to Lt. Edgar Sanchez.

When officers arrived, Sanchez said, they noticed that the rear glass door was shattered and they heard the suspect attempting to open a metal roll-up door from the inside.

There were “multiple” announcements for the man to exit, Sanchez said, “but the suspect refused to come out.” A Pasadena K-9 Unit responded around 1:30 p.m. and later found the suspect in a large storage room.

When the suspect still refused to exit, the K-9, a Dutch shepherd named Rex, was deployed. Sanchez said the suspect began throwing objects at the dog, resulting in a 2-inch-long laceration to his snout.

The suspect, Jose Soto, a 45-year-old Pasadena resident, surrendered to police soon after, Sanchez said. He added that Soto — who is in jail awaiting charges — was not bitten or injured during the incident.

Rex was taken for treatment to a veterinary hospital, where he received stitches. He is now home with his handler.