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Oop! Jeremy Robinson Says He Takes Accountability After Tommie Lee Shared Their Alleged DMs

Jeremy Robinson is taking accountability as he shared a new post on Instagram, defending Tamar Braxton amid her feud with Tommie Lee.

To catch you up to speed, the attorney had taken Tommie to a basketball game in Atlanta last month, just weeks after he and Tamar had called it quits.

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The ‘All The Way Home’ singer, who surprisingly reconciled with Jeremy that same month, shed light on his get-together with Tommie during her show at the House of Blues in Orlando, Florida, on Friday.

She told the crowd, “Y’all are lying if you thought I would let my man go just because he took a cr**khead to a basketball game.


That’s when Tommie dropped a video full of receipts, showing screenshots of alleged messages between her and Jeremy. The reality star also claimed that even though she had only met Jeremy for one night, he had told her about the issues he’d faced in his relationship with Tamar before their split.

Tommie claimed that Jeremy allegedly had to kick Tamar out of his home, which led her to move back into her mother’s home. Accusations also include him telling her that tickets to the Love & War 10th Anniversary Tour didn’t sell as well as Tamar initially claimed and that she allegedly lied about the tour being sold out.

While Tamar hasn’t responded to Tommie’s allegations, Jeremy has taken it upon himself to speak out and take accountability for his actions. He took to his Instagram Story, writing, “As a man, I stand on being accountable.”

He shared his regrets about taking Tommie out to the game with him and that he “never should have had conversations with her.”

“I regret all of it! I should have never done that to Tamar. She is an amazing woman. I did some dumb sh** while I was single. I love her, and I’m glad I have my woman back. This too shall pass, and I’ll spend the rest of my life protecting my Queen.”

Tommie Lee Puts Jeremy Robinson On Blast

If there’s one thing about Tommie Lee, she stays with some receipts.

She shared the alleged DMs of what initially sparked a conversation between her and Jeremy, who had invited her to Atlanta.

“From there, he was thirsty,” Tommie said. “What’s wrong with me going to a game? What is wrong with the situation is that that is your man, as you call it…”

Tommie joked that she didn’t get with Jeremy because of his looks or his lifestyle, which she described as fairly moderate in comparison to her own. It was more about retaliating against Tamar.

But she says it was a wrap when she allegedly saw Jeremy paying for their Waldorf hotel stay using his membership points.

“He told me a lot of things that he shouldn’t have told a stranger — I just met this man,” she continued. “If that’s your man, as you say, then you need to check him and check your situation to see if you’re sleeping with the enemy or not.”