Nana Boakye Steps Up to Contend Tema West NPP Primary


Former Constituency Chairman of Tema West, Mr. Dennis Amfo Sefah, popularly known as Nana Boakye, has taken a significant step in his bid to represent the New Patriotic Party (NPP) as the parliamentary candidate for the Tema West constituency.

Nana Boakye successfully submitted his nomination forms to the Constituency’s Parliamentary Elections Committee on Monday, December 25.

Accompanied by party supporters and leaders, Nana Boakye presented the necessary documents to the Constituency Secretary, Nana Obrempong. The freight forwarder expressed deep gratitude to the party leadership and delegates for their steadfast support throughout the years.

Joining Nana Boakye on this pivotal occasion were prominent party members, including former Tema Women’s Organizer Edem Attipoe, Nassara Coordinator Alhaji Chikabala, coordinators of various party factions, and several polling station executives.

Nana Boakye’s decision to vie for the NPP’s nomination in Tema West to replace the incumbent MP, Carlos Kingsley Ahenkorah highlights a fresh wave of enthusiasm within the party. With his background in constituency leadership and experience in the freight forwarding industry, Nana Boakye aims to bring valuable insight and expertise to the table.

As the NPP gears up for the parliamentary elections in the constituency, Nana Boakye’s submission of nomination forms marks the beginning of an exciting and competitive race. Ultimately, the party will select its candidate to represent Tema West, considering their track record, vision, and ability to connect with and address the needs of the constituents.

The Tema West constituency, known for its strategic economic importance and diverse demographic, is eagerly watching the internal party dynamics unfold. As the date of the NPP’s candidate declaration draws near, political observers anticipate intensified campaigns and increased engagement between candidates and constituents.

The submission of nomination forms by Nana Boakye signals an exciting chapter in the political landscape of Tema West, promising a spirited race that will shape the NPP’s prospects in the upcoming elections.

By Vincent Kubi