MTN Ghana Sparks Controversy With New Prices


In a recent announcement, MTN Ghana Limited, a leading mobile telecommunications company in the country, has revealed its new pricing structure set to take effect.

However, the news has ignited a wave of controversy and dissatisfaction among customers who are unhappy with the new increase and perceived decline in service quality after the price list was listed.

The price hike has been met with widespread criticism on various social media platforms, where customers have expressed their discontent with the telecommunications giant.
Many users have taken to these platforms to voice their concerns, questioning the reasoning behind the sudden increase in prices and lamenting the perceived lack of improvement in services provided.

Customers have highlighted that the higher prices are not commensurate with the quality of service they receive.

Some have complained about dropped calls, poor network coverage, slow internet speeds, and other technical issues that they feel have not been adequately addressed by MTN.

These grievances have only been amplified by the announcement of the price hike, leading to a surge in negative sentiment towards the company.

As the discussions continue to unfold on social media and other platforms, it remains to be seen how MTN Ghana Limited will respond to the criticism and whether they will take steps to address the concerns raised by their customers.

The company’s ability to navigate this controversy and improve its service quality will play a significant role in shaping its reputation and future success in the Ghanaian market.

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By Vincent Kubi