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More than 1000 arrested during Operation Shanela last week

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Tshwane police and partners arrested 1 107 suspects for various offences and seized 10 illegal firearms during Operation Shanela from December 3 – 9.

The effort consisted of several operations throughout the week.

Police say the operations demonstrate their continued commitment to community safety in Tshwane.

Sunday, December 3

The week kicked off with a high-density operation in Temba where arrested 16 undocumented immigrants, another two people for possession and dealing of various drugs and one for possession of illicit cigarettes.

In Mamelodi, police recovered two firearms and arrested a suspect after a high-speed chase and shootout.

“On Sunday, December 3, Mamelodi-East police were busy with routine patrols when they noticed a suspicious vehicle. The vehicle sped off with the police pursuing it. The occupants fired shots at the police and a gun battle ensued. The suspects lost control of the vehicle and stopped. One was arrested. While searching the vehicle, two firearms were found,” said police spokesperson, Warrant-Officer Johan Van Dyk.

Monday, December 4

A Mamelodi-East police operation, resulted in the arrest of nine illegal immigrants and another person for public drinking.

One liquor shop was inspected and subsequently closed for contravening the liquor act while liquor totalling 73 620ml was confiscated and three Aarto infringement notices worth R5 250 were issued.

“An intelligence operation was conducted on December 4, at a house in Soshanguve after information about a firearm was received. The house was searched, the firearm found, and the suspect arrested,” Van Dyk said.

“The K9 unit on Monday recovered a firearm in Pretoria central and arrested two suspects after it received information about them selling a stolen motor vehicle. They were charged with possession of an illegal firearm and suspected stolen property.”

Rietgat police recovered a revolver with six bullets when they searched a suspicious person in the area. They were charged with possession of an illegal firearm.

Wednesday, December 6

Sunnyside and Pretoria Central police inspected liquor and second-hand goods outlets to enforce the liquor and secondhand goods acts in the area.

Three second-hand goods dealers were inspected and two were fined a total of R4 500 for non-compliance with the Second-hand Goods Act (Act 6 of 2009).

Seven liquor outlets were inspected and closed down for non-compliance while 172 705ml of liquor was confiscated.

Thursday, December 7

Sunnyside and Pretoria Central arrested 120 undocumented immigrants and the three people who employed them.

Eight suspects were arrested for possession and dealing drugs, the Department of Labour inspected and fined 11 businesses.

At two roadblocks, 241 Aarto infringement notices totalling R140 850 were issued.

“The operation involved searches of 32 premises, 2 370 individuals and 1 680 vehicles while detectives apprehended 310 suspects wanted for various crimes, including 86 for gender-based violence,” Van Dyk said.

Mamelodi-West recovered a pistol with four bullets, a stolen motor vehicle following a tip-off.

Friday, December 8

Mamelodi-East and West police inspected various liquor and second-hand goods shops for compliance.

Nine liquor premises were inspected and fined a total R5 000 for contravening the Liquor Act while 250 455ml of liquor was confiscated.

Four second-hand goods dealers were inspected and two fined a total of R5 000 for noncompliance.

Pretoria Central police arrested two people for drug possession, one for possession of illicit cigarettes and one person for possession of an illegal firearm after he failed to produce a licence for the revolver and seven bullets found in his possession.

Hammanskraal police arrested an illegal immigrant with a firearm after a routine search.

“On Friday, information was received about a firearm that was stolen in Akasia. The house was identified and searched. A pistol and four bullets were retrieved.

Another illegal firearm was found after police received information about an unlicensed firearm in Akasia. The house was approached, a suspect was identified, and during the search of the house, a pistol with 10 rounds was found,” Van Dyk added.

Saturday, December 9

Mamelodi-West and Mamelodi-East police arrested 354 people for various crimes, 36 for driving under the influence of alcohol, and one for possession of illicit cigarettes when 11 200 illegal cigarettes were found in his possession.

Seven suspects were arrested for possession of various drugs as well as 64 undocumented immigrants.

Detectives arrested 245 suspects on various charges of crimes including 82 for GBV, two for murder and seven for armed robbery.

In total, 2 322 individuals and 981 vehicles were searched, and 37 Aarto infringement notices to the value of R29 750 issued.

Week round-up

During the week, a total of 4 794 individuals and 1 844 vehicles were searched at roadblocks while 281 Aarto fines totalling R 175 850 were issued.

– 209 undocumented immigrants and three people who employed them were arrested

– 36 individuals were arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol, four for drinking in public, 17 for possession of drugs and two for dealing in drugs

– 38 liquor outlets were inspected, 26 closed down for non-compliance while 1 286 445ml of liquor was confiscated.

Five secondhand premises were inspected, four fined for non-compliance while the Department of Labour inspected and fined 11 businesses.

Ten unlicensed firearms were recovered and will be sent for ballistic tests to determine if they were used in the commission of other crimes.

“Senior Operation Shanela officers inspected [audited] various departments at the Mamelodi-west, Mamelodi-East, Sunnyside and Pretoria-Central police stations were during the week and identified mistakes that needed correction. Follow-up inspections will be conducted in due course to monitor compliance and the rectification of irregularities found,” Van Dyk said.

Departments of home affairs, labour, correctional services and community safety as well as crime prevention wardens, Tracker, Gauteng traffic, local councillors, CPFs joined the police in the operations.

Residents with any information pertaining to the above arrests are urged to contact their local authorities.

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