Man Causes Stir As He Wipes Off His Daughter’s Makeup In Front Of Church Members, Embarrassing Her (Video)


A Nigerian man recently caused a stir online after doing something embarrassing to his daughter in public.

A viral video has emerged online showing the embarrassing moment after the man wiped off his daughter’s makeup in front of other church members.

The man’s daughter had her face made up for church, but the dad apparently disapproved of this. When he spotted her with the makeup at the church entrance, he embarrassed her and wiped it off.

In the video shared, some women can be seen using water to even out her makeup, while the dad was heard ranting about his daughter’s makeup in the background.

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Below are some reactions.

@Ben_Gianna???? shared: “My father ????????????????. Till now, I can’t paint my nails or face and wear trousers to a function he’ll attend. He has a Ph.D in embarrassment and disgrace”

@Mary Jane ???? wrote: “This is violation Abeg”

@Okikiola❤️commented: “wtf”

@Buttercup said: “Ok Atleast not informant of everyone”