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Mall reimagines a greener festive season

Centurion Mall has taken a fresh approach to the festive season by re-purposing and upcycling materials as Christmas decorations.

The creative approach stems from the mall’s strong focus on environmental consciousness and community engagement.

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Discarded bottles, parking tickets and newspapers were repurposed to make garlands and Christmas trees.

“Your parking ticket is now more than just a pass; it’s a key contributor to saving the environment and fostering job opportunities within our community,” said mall spokesperson Krystal Coconas.

“By repurposing parking tickets, Centurion Mall has prevented them from ending up in landfills and empowered local artisans to transform them into majestic festive décor items.”

Coconas said during a tour of the mall that ordinarily, parking tickets can’t be recycled because of the magnetic strip on the back.

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Lizl van Biljon and Anneline Swart with repurposed shopping bags made from used sinage material.

Approximately 500 000 parking tickets were crafted into trees, while LED lights that can be reused all year around were incorporated into the decorations.

The season wouldn’t be complete without Santa visiting the mall every Thursday to Sunday from 09:00 to 14:00 near Wimpy for the perfect holiday photos.

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Gift wrapping offered will benefit The Educare Foundation, an NPO supporting mobile educational programmes.

Mall general manager Wilna Savio said: “As the heart of our community, Centurion Mall is not only a place for shopping but also a platform for positive change.

Our commitment to reimagining the festive season through eco-friendly initiatives and community engagement is a testament to our dedication to creating a brighter and greener future for all.

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Recycled newspaper repurposed as Christmas trees.
IMG 1813 56196
Garlands made from upcycled platic drinking bottles
IMG 1789 10105
A band playing in front of the trees made of recycled newspapers.

Together, we can make a meaningful impact on the environment while strengthening our community bonds.”

This festive season, the mall is encouraging shoppers to help make an impact and reduce paper usage by switching to the ticketless parking system, Admyt (

It is also set to introduce a new “tap and go” parking system where shoppers can tap their bank card on entry and exit.

Parking system manager Advance on Point Solutions MD Kate Wolfaardt said: “As a parking management company, we witness millions of used parking tickets being discarded to landfills every month.

We are truly inspired to see Centurion Mall taking significant strides towards sustainability and actively working to reduce its environmental impact.

Thank you for setting a positive example of what can be achieved with holiday spirit and a strong commitment to sustainable practices.”

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