Maia Gray – It’s Just Acne!

In this episode I welcome the utterly incredible campaigner and anti-bullying advocate Maia Gray.

Maia who is known as @its_just_acne to her 142K Instagram followers, was so bullied about her skin when she was at school that she hid in the loos to eat her lunch. Things got more serious when her friends turned their backs on her and she even started receiving death threats.

Since then Maia has found the confidence to show the world her acne online and helps thousands of people to know that we don’t need perfect skin to be beautiful and accepted. Her photo of her skin’s texture with foundation on has reached and inspired tens of thousands of people. This is a woman who is making a huge difference by finding the strength to bare her skin.

During the episode Maia talks frankly about her experience of living with acne and how she has put her school days behind her and found the strength to show her skin to the world.

This is a truly inspiring episode and I hope that it helps you whether you are struggling with confidence about your own skin/appearance or you know someone who is.