Kodak Black’s Legal Twist: Attorney Claims Substance Not Cocaine After Presumptive Test

According to Kodak Black’s attorney, the rapper’s arrest for cocaine possession was a case of mistaken identity… at least in terms of the drugs found on him. Bradford Cohen, Kodak’s attorney, recently responded to his client’s recently made arrest in Florida by saying, “In this most recent case, I believe that the ‘rock’ this officer discovered when tested will be a Percocet, not cocaine.” Kodak was detained last week when authorities discovered him sleeping at the wheel of an SUV with a mouth full of white powder as well as several white rock-like things on the ground… which Kodak claimed were Percocet. The arresting officer tested the powder on the spot and reports that it tested positive for cocaine, but Kodak’s counsel claims that “the test they do is a presumptive search for illegal substances.”

It simply becomes blue.” Kodak was eventually arrested for possession, tampering with evidence, as well as violating his existing probation… with a traffic ticket thrown in for good measure. According to Cohen, the rapper is addicted to pharmaceutical pain relievers, particularly Percocet, and his team has been working on a treatment plan for him. “He will go through several stages of treatment to get better,” Cohen explains. You must address the root cause of the dependency, and this is what will occur. We’re going to reduce reliance.” According to Kodak’s counsel, he has been addicted to opiates since his stay in prison, when he was allegedly severely abused by prison authorities.

Rapper Kodak Black’s Lawyer Claims A Substance Discovered During A Drug Bust Was Not Cocaine

Rapper Kodak Black’s attorney has spoken out about his famous client’s latest arrest in Florida for alleged cocaine possession. Bradford Cohen blasted the arrest details, claiming that the “rock” discovered on Black was Percocet rather than cocaine. Cohen further stated that Black has gotten reliant on prescription medications as a result of injuries incurred while being beaten by prison guards. While discussing about his client’s recent arrest for narcotics possession in Plantation, Florida, Cohen outlined his relationship with him, alleging that he has been representing him since he was a “kid.” “A lawyer’s job is rarely easy,” the lawyer wrote. That sentence can be changed to say that the job of an attorney who is concerned about your case and your well-being is never simple. I’ve been representing @kodakblack since he was a child.” Cohen then discussed Black’s stint in federal prison as well as how the rapper became addicted to prescription medications as a result of injuries acquired from alleged prison guard abuse.

“He was beaten by the guards at a federal prison so severely that he was hospitalized at one point.” After we sued the BOP, Kodak told me he would proceed once he was released and asked me to dismiss the case. “Since he was abused while in prison, as well as shot, pain medications were prescribed to him,” his lawyer explained. We’re told Kodak usually carries his prescription medication in a baggie, which might be mistaken for another substance if it’s not labelled. According to our source, this is precisely how he was carrying the pills in this case. In addition, he was prescribed meditation after being accused of prison torture and receiving a gunshot wound. Kodak’s attorney will provide evidence of the culprits in court. Cohen made the remark after Black, real name Bill Kapri was accused of cocaine possession, unlawfully parking or stopping a vehicle, and faking or interfering with physical evidence.