Kingpin Reloaded Cheats, What is Cheats in Kingpin Reloaded?

Kingpin Reloaded Cheats

Here are the cheat codes for Kingpin: Reloaded explained in simple English:

To enable cheats:

  • Open the file “AUTOEXEC.CFG” in the game’s “Main” directory.
  • Add the line: set developer 1

During gameplay, press the ` key to open the console window, then enter these codes:

  • Get $100: Type: give cash
  • Get all weapons: Type: give weapons
  • Get all weapons, ammo, and health: Type: give all
  • Full armor: Type: give armor
  • Full health: Type: give health
  • Invincibility: Type: immortal
  • Get a special item: Type: give (item)
  • Walk through walls: Type: noclip
  • Get a specific weapon: Type: give (weapon)

For level selection:

  • Enable the console using the command: c:kingpinkingpin.exe +developer 1
  • Run the game from this shortcut.
  • Press the ~ key and type these commands to go to specific levels.
  • Bike: map bike
  • Blanco Industries: map pv_b
  • Boiler Room: map bar_st
  • Club Swank: map bar_rv
  • Das Boot: map sy2
  • Jax: map bar_sr
  • Lizzie’s Problem: map sy_h
  • Louie’s Errand: map pv_1
  • Mean Streets: map sr3
  • Moker Shipping: map steel4
  • Nikki Blanco: map pv_boss
  • Pier Pressure: map sy1
  • Poisonville: map pv_h
  • Salty Dog: map bar_sy
  • Sewers: map sewer
  • Skidrow: map sr1
  • Steel Mill: map steel2
  • Steel Processing: map steel3
  • Steeltown: map steel1
  • Super: map sr2
  • The Jesus: map sr4

Secret Weapon in Demo:

  • Go to the place with the old car in the map SR3.
  • After dealing with dogs and picking up the battery, jump onto the car’s roof.
  • Shoot the car until it breaks, revealing a box.
  • Use the crowbar or lead pipe to open the box and get the flamethrower.

Remember to use these cheats responsibly and have fun playing Kingpin: Reloaded!

What is Cheats in Kingpin Reloaded?

In “Kingpin: Reloaded,” cheats are special codes that enhance gameplay. By editing the AUTOEXEC.CFG file and activating the developer mode, players can use cheat commands during the game.

These cheats include gaining money, obtaining weapons, restoring health and armor, enabling immortality, and accessing specific items or weapons. Additionally, there are level selection commands for quick navigation. Players can also discover secrets, such as a hidden flamethrower in the SR3 map. Cheats provide players with advantages and shortcuts to make the gaming experience more enjoyable or challenging based on their preferences.


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About Kingpin Reloaded

“Kingpin: Reloaded” is an updated version of the 1999 game “Kingpin: Life of Crime.” It was released on December 5, 2023, developed by Slipgate Ironworks™ and published by 3D Realms and Interplay. Set in a stylized noir gangland, players control a character seeking revenge against the powerful Kingpin. The game has improved graphics with 4K resolution and enhanced gameplay.

It introduces new features like quest systems, making it better than the original. The immersive sim elements let players recruit gang members and explore a city filled with crime. With both single-player and multiplayer modes, “Kingpin: Reloaded” offers an atmospheric experience with ultrawide and 4k support. It’s a revitalized classic, providing nostalgic value for fans and introducing the game to a new audience.

Kingpin Reloaded Gameplay

“Kingpin: Reloaded” gameplay revolves around a player-controlled character seeking revenge in a gritty, stylized gangland environment. Released on December 5, 2023, the game is a remastered version of the 1999 title “Kingpin: Life of Crime.” Players experience the story in a noir setting with enhanced 4K graphics and improved gameplay. The immersive sim elements allow players to recruit gang members, expanding their influence in a crime-ridden city.

With both single-player and multiplayer modes, players engage in intense battles, navigating through atmospheric streets. The remastered version introduces new quest systems and features, offering an upgraded experience compared to the original. Overall, “Kingpin: Reloaded” combines a compelling narrative, strategic elements, and immersive visuals to create an engaging and revitalized gaming experience for both old and new players.

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