Kenyan startup Tukio launches new safari-booking platform

Kenyan startup Tukio has launched a safari-booking platform that enables safari lodges, transportation providers and activity organisers to publish and sell their services directly and transparently to travellers. 

Founded by Natalia Cubillos and Marina Cangelaris in September, Tukio offers a seamless and informed booking experience to every traveller, allowing them to select all components of their trip separately, add them to a cart, and check-out entirely online.

“By enabling lodges, transportation and activity providers to transparently list their offering on the platform, the end-to-end safari experience is available online. This allows the travellers to see, compare and select all the components of their trip, add them to a cart and check out all entirely online in one single transaction, while knowing exactly what they are paying for,” Tukio said.

For now, Tukio has launched as a pilot in Kenya’s Masai Mara, featuring a selection of lodges ranging from budget to luxury.