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Jacob Elordi on Filming ‘Saltburn’ and ‘Priscilla’ Three Weeks Apart – The Hollywood Reporter

For Jacob Elordi, landing starring roles in two major movies that were filming back-to-back was a challenge he wasn’t sure he was going to be able to pull off, but proved himself wrong.

The actor recently told Vanity Fair that he actually “made Priscilla three weeks after Saltburn” wrapped.

“They’re strangely both meshed together in my head because I’d shoot all day in London, and then I’d go home to my Elvis cave, which was my hotel room, which was sort of all pictures of Priscilla,” he explained.

The Euphoria actor added that the only similarity between the two films was both his characters “having a kind of ginormous house.”

Elordi went from filming the Emerald Fennell-directed psychological thriller comedy in the U.K., playing Felix, a wealthy Oxford student, to transforming into the King of Rock and Roll for Sofia Coppola’s Priscilla Presley biopic.

When asked if it was difficult to jump from one project to the next so quickly since both roles consist of very different accents, he admitted that he initially thought it was “going to be impossible,” but later realized that “the short time is what made it work for me in my head.”

“If I’d had too long to worry about it, I would have been in a bit of strife because I would have overthought the whole thing,” he added. “I had to do this British accent in Saltburn, so I got to lose that really quickly when I went into the Memphis drawl. But having the three weeks just gave me not a lot of time to worry about it.”

Priscilla and Saltburn are currently playing in theaters.