I Have Money, I Will Buy Another One – DJ Chicken Boasts After His SUV Got Destroyed In Accident (Video)

 DJ Chicken

DJ Chicken, the popular Nigerian disc jockey, has bragged that he has more than enough money to purchase a brand-new car after he crashed his Benz SUV and got it damaged in an accident. 

The controversial TikTok star had made headlines lately when his Mercedes SUV was wrecked in a car crash.

Reacting to the accident live on social media just a few hours after the disaster, he promised to get a new car in a video clip from the live recording that went viral.

He said: “I go buy another Benz this morning, I get my money. If I wan even buy three Benz today I go buy. You’re all angry at my glory, continue. If I don’t buy another car this morning, It’s because I don’t feel like. I will buy another Benz and I would fix the crashed one if I spend at least N2 million on it.

“Remember when I crashed my Camry, I bought a brand new Benz. That means the one that is coming is going to be very big. There’s nothing wrong with the crashed car but I want to buy another car to surprise you guys so you can see that those they gifted N20 million and they were shouting online, we are their father.”