“I am committed to being your student” – Akwa Ibom gov pledges total loyalty to ex-gov Udom

The Akwa Ibom State Governor, Umo Eno, has made a commitment to maintain unwavering loyalty and allegiance to his predecessor, Deacon Udom Emmanuel, expressing his readiness to be a dedicated student under Emmanuel’s mentorship.

During a church service at the United Evangelical Church in Awa Iman on Christmas Day, Governor Eno addressed rumours suggesting a strained relationship between him and Emmanuel.

He refuted the speculations, emphasizing his profound respect for Emmanuel’s leadership and wisdom.

“I want to clarify that my predecessor has never pressured me since leaving office in May. On the contrary, we have been urging him to visit and provide guidance,” declared Eno.

Addressing the former governor directly, he added, “Even though you are no longer in office, you will always be my governor and leader. Your insights into governance are invaluable, and I am committed to being your student.”

Additionally, Governor Eno underscored his determination to continue and honour the legacies initiated by Emmanuel during his tenure.

He highlighted ongoing projects, notably the near-completion of the International Christian Worship Center, a monumental venture initiated by Emmanuel’s administration.

Emphasizing the spiritual significance of the centre, Eno outlined plans for its utilization as a sacred space for daily prayers aimed at benefiting the state and the nation as a whole.

The former governor, Udom Emmanuel, lauded Governor Eno for his commitment to unity and harmony.

Emmanuel stressed the importance of continuity and unity in governance, urging patience and support for Eno’s administration.

He assured Akwa Ibomites of his continued collaboration and support for the current government’s activities without disrupting its operations.

“We are relating very well. Let’s continually pray for him (Governor Eno), and let’s also be patient. The governor is for all of us, and he will certainly reach out to all,” Emmanuel added.