Enola Holmes Fans Speculate Off-Screen Chemistry Between Millie Bobby Brown and Louis Partridge: Are Romance Rumors True?

Enola Holmes, the Netflix hit featuring the brilliant Millie Bobby Brown as Enola and Louis Partridge as Lord Tewkesbury, not only mesmerized audiences with its intriguing plot but also sparked rumors of off-screen romance between the lead actors. Fans couldn’t help but wonder if the on-screen chemistry between Brown and Partridge transcended the boundaries of the Enola Holmes universe.

Who is Louis Partridge and did he date Millie Bobby Brown?

Louis Partridge, the talented English actor born in 2003, gained recognition for his roles as Lord Tewkesbury and Sid Vicious in Netflix films like Enola Holmes and Pistol. Despite his young age, Partridge’s acting prowess has been showcased in various projects, including the upcoming Sex Pistols series and the fantasy film The Lost Girls.

Partridge’s journey into acting began at the age of ten, inspired by Leonardo DiCaprio’s films and motivated by Timothee Chalamet’s remarkable career. Although he didn’t undergo formal acting training, Partridge’s dedication to his craft quickly became evident through his roles in different short films and major productions.

While fans speculated about a real-life romance between Louis Partridge and Millie Bobby Brown, it was confirmed that Brown had been dating Jake Bongiovi since 2021, dispelling any notions of an off-screen relationship between the Enola Holmes co-stars.

Who is Louis Partridge dating now?

Recent reports suggest that Louis Partridge has found love with singer and actress Olivia Rodrigo. The pair, rumored to have started dating in October 2023, have been spotted sharing moments of public display of affection and exuding happiness in each other’s company.

The budding romance between Partridge and Rodrigo began after the two celebrities, both fresh from previous relationships in 2022, were introduced through mutual friends early in 2023. Their connection deepened over months of messaging, culminating in Rodrigo flying to London to spend quality time with Partridge.

Sources revealed that the couple enjoyed dinners, nights out, and even hit a club together, displaying a genuine and sweet connection. Louis Partridge’s presence in the audience at Rodrigo’s Jingle Ball in New York City and their PDA-filled outings in December strongly suggest that the two are in a relationship.

While neither Louis Partridge nor Olivia Rodrigo has officially confirmed their relationship, their openness and shared moments indicate that they are, at the very least, dating and likely in a committed relationship. Fans are excited to witness this evolving romance and see how it navigates the complexities of fame and love.

The enchanting chemistry between actors on-screen often leads fans to speculate about off-screen relationships. While the rumors of romance between Millie Bobby Brown and Louis Partridge were dispelled, the revelation of Partridge’s relationship with Olivia Rodrigo adds a new and intriguing chapter to the evolving love stories in the realm of young Hollywood. As Enola Holmes fans continue to follow the journeys of their favorite stars, the lines between fiction and reality blur, creating a captivating narrative both on and off the screen.

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