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East school principal gets own office after 30 years in the job

A Pretoria school will finally be able to house its headmaster in a dedicated office, after being deprived of such a space for 30 years.

The colossal investment into the Onverwacht Primary School was aided by Cullinan Diamond Mine that pumped R4.4 million into the east of Pretoria school.

The mine which is owned by Petra Diamonds was founded in 1902 and is famous for being home of the largest diamond (3.106cts) ever recovered, as well as being the world’s most important source of blue diamonds.

Its large donation aided the construction of a new administration block, library, guardhouse and conference room at the school as part of phase 2 of its social labour plan.

Tshwane MMC for Economic Development and Spatial Planning Ald Hannes Coetzee welcomed the investment.

“At the behest of the Cullinan Diamond Mine, I attended a handover ceremony of newly-erected buildings at the Onverwacht Primary School in Region 5.”

He said 10 local companies benefitted from the project and 35 temporary jobs were created during construction.

“As a strong advocate for economic growth and investment in Tshwane, I am proud of the role my department played in facilitating the identification of the project, in partnership with the mine and ward councillor, and coordinating the implementation thereof.”

Coetzee said the new administration block included the principal’s office and sick bay, among other facilities.

“This is the first time the principal has had a dedicated office during his 30-year tenure at the school.

“I would like to encourage the school, educators, parents, learners and the community of Onverwacht to continue protecting this worthwhile investment as they do with the buildings that were erected during Phase 1.”

The mine said it was energised by the work of a local, woman-owned SMME that had revamped the school.

“True to our purpose of creating abundance from rarity, our mine handed over Phase 2b of the Onverwacht Primary School project as part of its social and labour plans.

“The upgraded facilities boast an administration block, library, guardhouse, kitchen and staffroom. This initiative also resulted in the creation of over 65 short-term employment opportunities for community members.”

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