Dr Umar Johnson Sparks Controversy on Joe Budden Podcast with Comments on Liberalism and Interracial Relationships

Dr Umar Johnson has made remarks on racism and slavery in The Joe Budden podcast, sparking a new online debate. The popular psychologist and motivational speaker are once again embroiled in controversy, and this time it’s due to his recent appearance on a podcast and the comments made during it that haven’t resonated well with many.

Read ahead to learn more about Dr Umar Johnson sparking controversy with remarks on racism and slavery in The Joe Budden podcast.

Dr Umar Johnson and his remarks on The Joe Budden podcast

Motivational speaker Dr Umar Johnson is a well-known figure on social media. While his popularity has grown due to various content he has shared, he has also faced several controversies. Once again, his recent appearance on The Joe Budden podcast has sparked a new controversy.

In the latest episode of the podcast, Dr. Umar talked about racism and slavery. He was heard saying “The reason you have no business being with a Caucasian woman is although she nor her family may have participated in our [Black people] oppressi on, directly she benefits from it”.

More about the remarks of Dr Umar Johnson on slavery and racism

Dr Umar Johnson talked about slavery and white people with co-host Ish. The former claimed that most white people’s ancestors have had “slaves,” including Ish’s girlfriend. To this, Ish mentioned that his girlfriend is Portuguese. Umar though responded to it as “I know she got racism in her veins because of the Portuguese role in the slave trade”.

Despite a lot of debate on the podcast between Dr Umar Johnson and the hosts. The video went viral on social media creating further discussion on the remarks of the motivational speaker on racism and slavery that certainly didn’t go well with many.

Netizens reacts to Dr Umar Johnson’s remarks on racism and slavery

Dr Umar Johnson may have created controversies in the past as well. Previously, he was criticized for marrying two black women on Instagram live back in 2021, despite claiming he was unmarried. Another controversy has arisen from his recent appearance on The Joe Budden podcast.

About Dr. Umar’s reaction to racism and slavery, netizens reacted on social media. One user wrote, “as wild as he is, Dr Umar actually reads books & knows his history. I look forward to this”. Another one wrote, “why can’t you just like someone for being in love? This man always jumping to slaves in everything”.

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