Don Little’s Car Crashes Into Motor Rider

Don Little


Renowned Ghanaian actor Stephen Atangah, popularly known as Don Little, was allegedly involved in a collision with a motor rider, leading to his arrest by the police.
The incident transpired as Don Little was rushing to transport a friend grappling with suicidal thoughts to the hospital.
According to an eyewitness account, the actor’s attempt to navigate through a group of motor riders on the road resulted in an unfortunate clash with one of them.
While en route to the hospital, Don Little encountered motorcyclists on the road, and his efforts to avoid them proved unsuccessful. The eyewitness suggested that Don Little’s intention to bypass the riders led to the collision with the motorcyclist.
“According to Don Little, his friend called him that one of their friends wanted to commit suicide, so he should intervene. On his way to the hospital with his friend, he was in a hurry. He got to a place where there were motor riders on the way, so he blew the horn for them to give him way, but it wasn’t successful,” the eyewitness alleged.
In an attempt to circumvent the motorcyclists, the collision occurred, attracting the attention of a nearby police officer who took him into custody at the Kasoa Police Station.



A leaked video from the incident