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Booming Business! Beach Club In Turks And Caicos Flourishing Thanks to Drake And Female Staffer Flacka

The popularity of a beach club in Turks and Caicos’ has seen a drastic spike in business, and according to the manager, a significant part of this boost is all thanks to Drake.

If you’ve been following Drizzy’s Instagram account this past week, he documented what appeared to be quite a relaxing vacation with friends out on the island.

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During his trip, Drake regularly visited Noah’s Ark Beach Club, where he hung out with Flacka, one of the establishment’s assistant managers. Often spotted together on his Instagram Story, Flacka and Drake frequently spent time together, with her even making an appearance in one of his recent social media posts that highlighted her working at the beach club.

The manager, Phillip Misick, reveals that business has been going exceptionally well for Noah’s Ark, which is not hard to believe since Drake has over 140 million followers on Instagram alone.

Drake’s IG Posts Elevated The Beach Club’s Business

In an interview with TMZ, Misick claimed that the beach club had been doing so well that he had not yet had the opportunity to calculate the sudden increase in food and drink sales.

He further revealed that curious beach-goers have been showing up at the establishment after Drake posted pictures of himself relaxing there on multiple occasions this past week, hoping to catch their favorite rapper in person.

The island’s status and, by extension, the Beach Club’s status have been elevated due to the influx of people showing up after Drake’s endorsement, Misick explained.

The Canadian-born rapper regularly visits Noah’s Ark and has been doing so for years, with one photo from the publication showing him and Flacka posing for a selfie over the summer of 2022. However, Drake had been posting much more about the establishment this time.

Flacka’s Follower Count Increased On Instagram

Flacka is also reaping the benefits of Drake’s visit. Her Instagram followers skyrocketed after the rapper featured her on his Instagram Story, where he recently labeled her as his “ting.”

Misick states that Flacka has been receiving sponsorship deals and offers from brands that want to collaborate with her in some capacity, potentially prompting the company to search for a new assistant manager.

Drake’s vacation in Turks and Caicos comes just weeks before he kicks off the U.S. leg of his It’s All A Blur Tour: Big As The What? with J. Cole.

Their first show kicks off on January 18 and ends on March 27.