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1000-lb Sisters star's tragic death came just months after proposing to Tammy

Caleb Willingham from 1000-lb Sisters became Tammy Slaton’s husband when they tied the knot at a rehabilitation center. He got down on one knee in the parking lot and asked her to be his wife. Since the TLC show came back, fans are now confused about when Caleb died due to his on-screen stardom.

Tammy Slaton shared in July her husband Caleb Willingham had passed away at the age of 40. The TLC pair tied the knot last November, and eight months later, Caleb tragically died. It is believed the 1000-lb Sisters couple had split three months before his death.

Tammy Slaton and Caleb Willingham sittin on wheelchairs beside each other
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When did Caleb from 1000-lb Sisters die?

Tammy from 1000-lb sisters’ husband, Caleb Willingham, tragically died on June 30, 2023, which was confirmed by her a day later. Filming for 1000-lb Sisters season 4 then wrapped up in August that year.

Some fans are confused about when the latest season was filmed, as the second half of season 4 included scenes with Caleb. TLC began filming 1000-lb Sisters season 4 in early 2022.

The two met at Windsor Lane Rehabilitation Center in Gibsonburg, Ohio, in 2022. Slaton was there to lose weight before bariatric surgery, while Willingham was being treated for obesity.

Caleb Willingham’s cause of death

Caleb Willingham’s cause of death was natural causes, as reported by Radar Online. A report stated paramedics and Gibsonburg Fire first responders were rushed to the scene at the rehab center.

Paramedics done CPR on Willingham but were sadly unsuccessful with their life-saving measures. All indications showed this to be a natural death caused by a medical issue, police reportedly said.

After news broke of his death, TLC released a statement: “We are deeply saddened to learn of Caleb Willingham’s passing. Our condolences go out to Tammy, his family and friends at this difficult time.”

After five months of marriage, The Sun reported Tammy was filing for divorce from Caleb. Allegedly, the couple broke up because of Caleb’s weight gain, while Tammy was making progress in losing weight.

Tammy Slaton’s husband proposed in rehab

Caleb proposed in October in the parking lot of the rehab center, and in November, it was revealed the couple had married. Their wedding and Slaton’s family’s reaction was documented on 1000-Lb Sisters.

“When you love somebody, you don’t let anything get in the way,” Willingham said at the time. They were married up until his death but it is believed they split after five months of marriage.

The pair were claimed to be estranged at the time, per Deadline. Tammy, however, sang his praises, telling People, “He was my best friend and I loved him dearly. He became my guardian angel.”


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