Yoga Instructor Killed Elite Cyclist Moriah Wilson Out of Jealousy

The breaking news is coming that a Yoga teacher murdered elite cyclist Moriah Wilson. She took this step out of jealousy. The accused name is identified as Kaitlin Armstrong. Currently, this name is on the top of the social media news channel headlines. Recently, this news has gone viral on the internet. People are showing their interest to know about this recent viral news in detail. According to the sources, the Yoga teacher Kaitlin Armstrong is found guilty of killing the tracked victim. The moment this news was uploaded on the internet it went viral and left the nation shocked. Read more in the next section.

Kaitlin Armstrong

As per the sources, a yoga teacher Kaitlin Armstrong is found guilty of killing an elite cyclist. Currently, netizens hit the search engine regarding the identification of the victim. If you are searching for the identification of the victim let us inform you that the victim’s name identified as Anna Moriah Wilson. The accuser Kaitlin Armstrong is described as the jealour killer. The deceased Anna Moriah Wilson was shot dead by Kaitlin Armstrong. As per the sources, the deceased Anna Moriah Wilson was in a relationship with Kaitlin Armstrong’s on-and-off boyfriend. Stay connected with this page.

Kaitlin Armstrong Cause of Death?

The deceased and Kaitlin Armstrong’s on-and-off boyfriend were in a relationship for a long time. Unfortunately, in this love triangle the cyclist Wilson lost her life. She was shot dead by Kaitlin Armstrong. Further, this terrible incident took in May 2022 in Austin, Texas. Colin Strickland is a professional cyclist. The deceased was in a relationship with Colin Strickland. They were dating each other for a long time. The connection broke due to Kaitlin Armstrong’s action. Kaitlin Armstrong feels jealous of the deceased. She feels jealous whenever she looks at Colin with the deceased. Scroll down the page to learn more.

In May 2022, the accused Kaitlin Armstrong tracked the location of Anna Moriah and later she shot dead Anna in Austin, Texas. The accused Kaitlin Armstrong shot Anna’s heart. During the opening report, it was alleged that Colin asked to accused that she still meets with Wilson. After that, Armstong changed the name of Wilson. The accuser Kaitlin Armstrong hacked his social media accounts such as his email and Instagram accounts. Kaitlin Armstrong was too connected with Colin and with his personal life. She comes to know that Colin has still talked to Wilson. Sadly, she killed Wilson. The police took Kaitlin Armstrong into custody. The investigation is still ongoing.