Why I Don’t Pray To Marry Woman Like Mr Ibu’s Wife – Rapper Vic O



Nigerian rapper, Vic O has slammed Stella Maris, the wife of ailing actor John Okafor, aka Mr Ibu.


He berated her for fighting over donations for her husband’s surgery while the actor is battling for his life.


Recall that Mrs Okafor recently accused the actor’s adopted daughter, Jasmine, of hijacking the funds donated for his surgery.


A claim which was swiftly debunked by Mr Ibu’s second son, Daniel, who clarified that he was the one in charge of the actor’s account.


Reacting in a video message shared via his Instagram page, Vic O said he doesn’t pray to marry a woman like Mr Ibu’s wife when he is ready to settle down.


He said, “I pray that anytime that I want to settle down I will not find a woman like John Okafor’s wife. Your husband is fighting for his life in the hospital, you’re there sitting down, posting; claiming that people are trying to siphon money that was donated for your husband’s health.

“And you are not even going to the hospital to take care of him. I pray that if I’m to settle down I will not see a woman like John Okafor’s wife because she is a devil in person.”


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